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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Geri G Primer & Foundation Review

Geri G completely and thoroughly knows how the skin works and what it is that we need to feel and look beautiful. This isn’t just another product that makes you feel good, these products are actually GREAT for your skin.
2012-06-15 19.01.37
There isn’t a mile long list of ingredients that I can’t pronounce. These ingredients get to the root of the issue, instead of just masking it. It is very confusing what to choose in the world of makeup today. There are so many different types, colors, and choices available that make it nearly impossible to choose the best for your skin.

With Geri G, you never have to worry about not getting the best of the best. These products are amazing, and should be lined in gold! I have been using the Transceutical™ Canvas and Innocent Foundation for about a month now, and have nothing but positive words to say about both!

The Canvas is a brilliant makeup primer that not only boosts my complexion but is extremely moisturizing as well. This is designed with OUR skin in mind, not just a bunch of random ingredients thrown together.

Here are the list of ingredients:  Aloe Vera, Nanomarine-5 ®, Vitamins A, C, E, Marine Based Botanicals, Rose Water, Hylauronic acid, essential fatty acids.

So- not a foot long list! AND these ingredients do amazing things for the skin. This isn’t just any regular makeup primer! This actually tightens and smoothes the skin to give you a better makeup application every single time.

The bottle is absolutely brilliant. It says “classy yet not showy”! It adds real sophistication to my makeup collection and I don’t think I could ever look at makeup the same way EVER! This primer has such a silky texture with absolutely no smell.
2012-05-31 00.44.32

My skin looks fresh, bright, and feels clean all day! This has balanced my skin’s moisture level out to where it needs to be, while keeping my makeup fresh in all weather conditions.

You can use this alone as a moisturizer or under foundation. You add it to your skin after it has already been cleansed and moisturized. You can blend this directly into your skin or mix with foundation before applying.

This can also be applied to your eyelashes before putting mascara on them. This primes the lashes and keeps any and all mascaras from clumping up. This is a beautiful and GENIUS product!

Mixing Hints
For long-wearing results, apply Transceutical™ Canvas to the skin before powder foundation.

Apply small amount to the back of the hand and add a dab of mascara. Mix together and voila! Instant eyeliner. Also add to any powder for custom blending. (Add Transceutical™ Canvas to any eye shadow to create your own custom eyeliner color.)
The Foundation
This is the most nourishing and hydrating foundation that I’ve ever used in my life. This not only hides imperfections but it also brightens my complexion. This is a water based formula- so I wasn’t smearing un-natural oils all over my face.

I dislike foundations that make my face feel weighed down! This foundation is so weightless that I couldn’t even tell that I had it on. Not only did it help to conceal my darkened eye bags, but it just felt great to wear!

This has a matte finish and stays on all day with a wonderful coverage. When I was out in the heat- and sweating- and was talking on my cell phone, I didn’t have those makeup smears everywhere like I usually would!

Application Techniques
Apply one pump of Innocent Foundation to skin that has been pre-treated with PriMixer or mix Innocent Foundation directly into PriMixer for a fast and easy application. Use the M Brush to stroke foundation into an even, airbrushed finish and flawless look.

I am loving that it only has a handful of ingredients: Water, (Nanomarine-5®, Green and White Tea, Squalane Oil from Olive Plants, Vitamin E, Rose Water) all of which can be easily searched and come up as beneficial for the skin.
A little goes a long way, so you’ll have this for 4-6 months (sometimes even more).. I love that the bottles are clear, so I know exactly how much is in it. There are never any air bubbles or problems with it coming out.

They have pump action bottles, and it comes out in a little creamy stream- just ready and waiting for your to make your day as fabulous as the makeup! I love both of these products and will definitely buy these when I run out. Also- Geri G sells other products, so be sure to check them out!

Geri G knows exactly what she is doing and I am glad to have been able to test these two products! They are both absolutely stunning and genius, and I haven’t left the house without them on since they came in the mail!

Geri Giagnorio began her aesthetician/nutrition career as a young teenager with acne and weight issues in suburban Chicago. Like most teenage girls growing up in the Midwest who weren't Cindy Crawford, Geri would scour magazines for the breakthrough product that would help her obtain clear skin and change her life. Her skin problems paved the way for a very early introduction to over-the-counter medications and cosmetics. But it seemed like the more attention she devoted to clearing up her complexion, the less headway she made.

Most beauty products and acne medications are topical and Geri found herself in the endless loop of camouflage, concealer, camouflage, concealer, camouflage, concealer... None of the traditional remedies available to Geri worked or improved her bad skin.

A very typical American diet wasn’t doing her any favors either. And in Geri’s case, a father with diabetes made her more prematurely aware of exacting nutritional guidelines. She saw firsthand that the spiking and ebbing of glucose in the body really does affect energy levels and, by extension, moods and sociability. But the real implications of diet and food intake in her own life would elude her for a few more years.
A pre-occupation with her own complexion gave Geri the impetus to become a make-up artist. She came to L.A., looking for wisdom but instead found disappointment. The entire make-up profession in Hollywood was still only organized around the principle of concealment. And the Hollywood obsession with perfection, natural and synthetic, only amplified Geri’s insecurities and seemed to disqualify her from the profession she chose. She also realized she was editing herself out of social situations because she felt unworthy and not good enough or pretty enough to participate. (Little did she know at the time that this is a syndrome half of Hollywood shares.)

Today, Geri Giagnorio is the founder and C.E.O. of Geri G.® a make-up line and skin care products for a holistic approach to health and beauty. This isn’t marketing b.s. Working as a make-up artist, Geri has seen firsthand the negative effects that make-up can inflict on skin.
As a response, Geri developed the Transceutical™ Canvas and its signature formula, Nanomarine-5®.

A licensed aesthetician, make-up artist, and product developer, and Certified Nutritional Consultant and Coach. Geri has been featured in GenLux, Skin Inc., In Touch Weekly, 944 Los Angeles, and The Beauty Cook Book. Celebrity clients love her exclusivity of location and her Referral Only policy for new clients.

BUY IT: You can buy both of these (Canvas and Primer) on her website.
Canvas- $46
Foundation- $40

Connect with  Geri G:
On Facebook and Twitter

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions within this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way!

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