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Monday, September 3, 2012

Cake Lingerie: Toffee Bra & Knickers Review


When I was nursing my 2 kids, all I could think about was how I missed the days of being able to put on a lacy, sexy bra that felt great. Most of the breastfeeding bra’s that I wore were convenient but didn’t help me out in the feeling sexy department at all. I had never (even with all my shopping experience) never found a breastfeeding bra that even looked slightly less than what it actually was.

Comfortable, cozy, and convenient are words that describe the bra’s that you an unsnap at a whim and place a screaming, wailing, hungry baby close so they can feed. So that you don’t have to take off or pull up the bra. But when we have a nice night out, I want something that makes me feel like I’m not wearing a bunchy breastfeeding bra.

Enter the Cake Lingerie line of nursing bras. This line of nursing bra’s, I feel- are the most feminine and sexiest out of all of those that are offered now. They have so many different choices- their bra’s range from 32B on up to 38H.

I have always been small chested, and it is very hard for me to find bra’s that fit me really well. I chose the Toffee Maternity Bra. This comes with 2 color choices. They have the light beige toffee color and a mint toffee color.


Cake Lingerie sent me the light beige toffee colored bra, and it came with an amazing pair of French knicker panties as well. Not only did they arrive within just a couple of days, but they FELT so amazing and they were designed so beautifully!

2012-05-30 16.25.13

I love that it has a smooth, thick cup- so that it is thick enough for breast pads. I practically leaked the entire time I was breastfeeding, and the bras I had before were NOT ANY help! These bra’s have a lot of detail and thought put into them!

It has a smooth feeling material that never agitates my skin or makes it itch. It has very cute little purple bows, and the straps are thick enough give support, but not look like you were given a hand-me-down bra of your mothers’ or grandmothers’.

This definitely gives a smooth profile under tshirts, button ups, and dresses because of the thin foam the bra cups have in them. The bra has no underwire which makes it SO much more comfortable. Wire and me do NOT get along when I’m pregnant or nursing. The larger cups (DD-FF) have thin wire to support fuller breast sizes.

I am LOVING that it has 3 different settings in the back, so that I can adjust it! When you unsnap the bra, and fold it down- the inside of the bra is a pretty floral color- mixing a deep purple (the color of the bow) and a pretty bright pink!

I loved everything about this bra. The way it fit- Not only could I adjust the bra straps to fit perfectly, but the 3 different snaps on the back are perfect. The quality and appearance of the bra was top-notch. Who ever said you HAD live life un-sexy? Definitely not Cake Lingerie.!

They are a bit pricey at $65 a bra- but they are totally worth it. If you buy the cheapies, you understand that they wear out quickly, have basically no support, and very low quality. This means that you’ll be buying another one very soon. So why not buy the best the first time around, and you won’t HAVE those itchy scratchy broken down problems like other bras have.

This bra also came with an extra strap so that you can make it into a convertible bra. The Knicker panties are also amazing! They are stretchy, so they fit amazingly! The crotch of the panties are decorated in the same floral coloring as the inside of the bra! SO adorable!

Make sure that you check out their fitting section to get the perfect fit for your body!

You can also find Cake Lingerie at A Mother’s Boutique here in the US in select styles.

BUY IT: You can buy the Toffee Bra for 64.90 and you can buy the French Knickers for $29.90.

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.


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