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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ed Young - Creative Pastors

Pastor Ed Young helps to inspire those that are looking for answers in uncharted territory or just in everyday life. Pastor Ed Young lends his voice and sermons as a “creative pastor” to CreativePastors.com, a resource for church leaders, and My C3 Global. Pastor Young is the founding and Senior Pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. Since it began in 1990, Fellowship Church has grown to be one of the most popular churches in North America. There are now remote campuses in not only the Metroplex of Dallas/Ft. Worth, but also in Miami, Florida. "Fellowship isn't just who we are, it's what we do." These words are Pastor Ed Young's words of wisdom on his web page to those he reaches each week and those that haven't yet heard his sermons. Young has dedicated his life to reaching out to the lost and the lonely.

Ed Young is not only a Senior pastor, a husband, a father and a founder of one of the most popular churches in the nation, but he is also a bestselling author and conference speaker. Young has been married for over 30 years to his wife, Lisa and they have four children. Young has written over 14 books. Some of his most popular are "Marriage Mirror," a book about seeing yourself in your spouse and recognizing God's reflection in your marriage, and "Kid Ceo," a book about discipline and leadership of your children as they grow up. Young's latest book, written with the help of his wife, "Sexperiment" is a New York Times Bestseller, about sex in marriage being more about intimacy than just the "chore" of sex.

Pastor Young hosts a C3 Conference that combines inspirational messages by popular speakers with worship and other teachings to reach out to others. The C3 Conference intends to blend creativity, church and culture together to find many answers. The next C3 Conference will be held in Dallas February 13-15, 2013. Ed Young will start streaming Ed Young TV 24/7 on September 23, 2012 on his website. Young strives to make the complex topics seem simple as he speaks to people in ways everyone can understand and relate to each topic. Christian or not, Young strives to reach a broad audience so they can know God and grow while they learn.

Ed Young didn't become a speaking sensation pastor overnight. Young began Fellowship Church in 1990 without knowing what was ahead, only knowing he wanted to share God's word. The church began with only 150 people. Young says the blessings kept flowing in and he can only explain these blessings as a “God Thing.” Young says he wishes he had resources like Creative Pastors and C3 Global when he was going through his own strife. Pastor Young relates all of his sermons to things in our everyday lives. He ensures you that you are not alone and that every prayer has an answer.

Creative Pastors along with the C3 Conference and Young's writings are meant to inspire and comfort others no matter what they may be going through. Not only do Young and the other pastors help others, they are there for you to help them grow and learn. Young is always asking for feedback so that he can reach out to others that either don't know God or just hunger to learn more each day about Jesus. Pastor Ed Young wants to make a difference in your life by bringing you the word of God in a way each person can understand.

Click here for more information on Creative Pastors. For more information about the C3 Conference go to C3 Conference.com. Check out Pastor Ed Young's Website to follow Pastor Young's sermons or for more information on his teachings and Fellowship Church.


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