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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Itay Beauty: Green Eyes Eyeshadow Stack Review

Do you have a hard time determining which colors suit your eyes best? Do you just use the same color eye shadow day after day? DO you feel bland and boring? You can NOW spice up your eye color collection with Itay Beauty!

They have some amazing eye stacks, with an eyeshadow stack for every color of eyes. Green, Blue, Brown, Black.. Choose your eye color and spice up your makeup collection.

Using neutral colors isn’t sexy.. having colors that bring out your eyes IS! I have a greenish/hazel eyes, so I went with the green shadow stack. I have been mixing and matching these beautiful colors for a week now, and am LOVING every single one.

These are elegantly made, beautifully colored shimmer shades, and stay amazingly well. They are 100% mineral and all natural. These practically stick to my eyelids- I never have to worry about creasing or fading! They have a water-resistant formula- so even if you sweat a little bit- the shadow still remains in place. To get off use a gentle eye makeup remover or soap and water.

Here are the colors that are in the stack..




Mineral Eye Shadow - Clarity #10

High-intensity mixture of blues, slates, and deep

grays. Slight silver sheen adds accent to deep rich



Mineral Eye Shadow - Purple #71

Intoxicatingly deep purple mingles with dark tones to

make a highly glamorous look.

red wine

Mineral Eye Shadow - Red Wine #124

Deeply dark natural brown color heavily accented with

bold red color.


Mineral Eye Shadow - OK #24

Deep rich brown is incredibly warm and bold. Adds high-

impact color to any skin tone.


Mineral Eye Shimmer - Espresso #147

This natural bronze is a mixture of pure earthen color

with a shimmering golden glow. Adds perfect sun-kissed

shine to any skin color.


Mineral Eye Shadow - Goldmine #143

Cool-toned color is both bold and natural. Yellow

undertones gently accentuates skin’s own natural glow.


Mineral Eye Shadow - Rosa #112

Bright brick color with a rustic burnt orange accent

and golden glow.


Mineral Eye Shadow - Sugar #99

Pleasant peachy pink hue adds light touches of natural

light and gleam.

These shadows can also be applied as eyeliner, you can mix and match them with the ones you use as a shadow to accentuate your eyes even more! BUT- They can also be applied to your lips, hair, and face.

LIPS- Apply a light, non-sticky lipgloss. Then take a lip pencil, dip it in the color you choose, and apply it a little at a time- then cover with a shiny lipgloss. You can also apply a lip liner before applying the first layer of lipgloss and fill in the rest of your lips with the mineral shadow.

HERE is what these amazing colors look like on my skin. You will see pictures of them applied wet AND dry. On the left the pictures are of the shadows applied dry, then on the right- applied dry. Each of these shadows are 1.75 grams.

Clarity (bottom lid) + Purple (Bottom Lid)

2012-06-12 01.42.292012-06-12 01.42.17

Red Wine (Bottom Lid)  + OK (Top Lid)

2012-06-12 01.50.022012-06-12 01.49.47

Espresso (Bottom Lid) + Gold Mine (Top Lid)

2012-06-12 01.53.57

Rosa (Bottom Lid) + Sugar (Top Lid)

2012-06-12 01.57.102012-06-12 01.56.54

I am still having fun mixing and matching them all. Since there are 8 stacks in each Best4 (----) eye stack, there are unlimited possibilities. I’ve never seen a mineral eye shadow be great for hair, nails, and body glow as well..

Every single color in this stack is not only stunning but it definitely does make my eyes stand out. I love that I can put a deeper color on my lower lid- lighter on my upper lid, and then also use a deeper color as an eyeliner.

I will definitely try more of these eyeshadows, there are already some I have on my list!! Not only do Itay Mineral Eyeshadows look beautiful but they have an exquisite pigmentation that has amazing staying power. It doesn’t get all over my face like other mineral eyeshadows do! I am in LOVE.

I am also liking that they have such unique names. The names are true to their coloring as well. There is basically no color that they haven’t made even better.. Mixing the deepest colors with the lightest shimmers!


1. For Eyes

In its simplest form, these Eye Shimmers are perfect for any daytime look. Mix and match from the large selection of colors to get the perfect look you want. Wear it dry for the perfect daytime sheen or wet to get that high fashion look, these colors will last all through the day and night.

2. For Eyeliner

What better way to complement your eyes than to use the ITAY Eye Shimmer as both an eye shadow and liner. Gently wet the tip of an ITAY eye liner brush and draw a smooth line to frame your lash line. Use the same color to get that perfect pop of color—perfect for daytime and nighttime.

3. For Lips

Use the ITAY Mineral Eye Shimmers to create a custom color for your lips. Start by spreading the ITAY lip balm or ITAY lip gloss over the lips, then dab balm/gloss into the ITAY Eye Shimmers to get the desired lip color.

4. For Nails

To get the perfect nail color to match your eye makeup, use with ITAY clear nail polish. Gently spread the nail brush in the Eye Shimmer color of your choice and apply this new color over your nails.

5. For Hair

By mixing the ITAY Eye Shimmer with your favorite hair gel, get an added touch of pizazz to your look. Work it through single strands or apply to you whole head. Whether it is touch of highlights to single strands or a shimmer all over, these colors will help you to stand out in any crowd.

6. For Body Glow

Mix the ITAY Eye Shimmers with your favorite lotion to get a light shimmer all over your body. Accentuate your skin and give it that added glow for any special occasion.


About Itay Beauty:


Itay Mineral Makeup began with one simple idea:
Natural Beauty.

The idea that every woman on Earth is born beautiful—with a vision of grace and elegance that is all her own. With this in mind, we turned to the natural world around us for inspiration and found it in the rolling fields and infinite seas of the Italian landscape. The myriad shades of blue swimming in the Italian lagoons became the blues of our eyeshadow. The glowing summer sunsets inspired the rosy hues of our blush and the golden shades of our bronzers. The warm ochre tones of the earth itself and the crumbling marble buildings became the shades of our foundations.
We drew inspiration from the most beautiful place on Earth to create the most beautiful makeup on Earth.
Itay Mineral Makeup was created to enhance your natural beauty rather than cover it up with harsh chemicals and dyes. And we understand that no two women are exactly alike, that’s why our line of mineral makeup contains over 150 different colors individually designed to complement your own, unique brand of beauty. Because each and every woman deserves to feel like a goddess.

Beauty is all around us if you know where to look. Itay Mineral Makeup—make you so beautiful!!!


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