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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Raskullz Radgon Backpack Review & Giveaway

My little man started Kindergarten this year. I am pretty sure that I was more nervous about it then he was, but I couldn’t help it. There were a million scenario’s floating through my head about making friends, learning, lunch, and more.
I wanted him to start his first year of school off right, so of course- I didn’t want to send him to school with just any backpack. Sure there were tons and tons of backpacks with cool characters like spongebob and transformers- but I was pretty sure that most of the kids would have those.
So, when I seen all the cool Raskullz backpacks, I knew for sure that I wanted one for Aidan. They had both backpacks for girls and boys! There were different colors to choose from, so I let Aidan choose his own.
We ended up getting the green Radgon backpack, and he was extremely excited to see it waiting for him! His little face lit up like the Fourth of July!
This backpack is unlike any other backpack that I’ve seen before. It’s basically a 3D backpack with Radgons face as the top of the backpack. When we got our list for buying school supplies, we had to have a backpack that could hold folders in it.
2012-06-07 21.28.31
When I unzipped the Raskullz backpack and placed Aidan’s folder inside- it fit perfectly! I can also put his snack in the big part and because it’s 3D- it saves the snack from being squished by Aidan’s back when he walks or runs into the school in the morning.
The first day that I took him to school with his new Raskullz backpack, all the other kids were asking him where he got it at. Of course, like I suspected- they had superman and spongebob backpacks! Their moms looked at me like “HELP”- so I wrote the website down and gave it to them.
For $24.99, these backpacks aren’t just a cool item they can take to school, it’s also a “friend” that hangs in their backpack cubby waiting for them to get out of school and pick them  up.
The backpack also has a small pocket in the front of the backpack so I can send notes to Aidan’s teacher. I was taking him in the school every single morning. That way I could KNOW what he was doing in school, so I could help him along the way.
BUT- they sent a note home saying that parents that were walking their children in school needed to let them walk inside by themselves, so they could understand independence and responsibility.
So, now I just send a note to school asking about what he is learning, and she writes me back about how his day went. She automatically knows to look in the front pocket of Aidan’s bag.
Aidan loves that he gets a cool dinosaur monster backpack, that no other kid has in the entire class, and I love the smile I see on his face when he asks for his backpack in the morning before I head to take him to school.
Before we got this backpack, he was actually not liking school too well. He would cry and tell me “please mommy, don’t leave me here by myself, I’ll get scared”. It tore my heart out to leave him.
Now he is excited in the mornings, and he can’t wait for me to take him to school. On his way in the school in the mornings, I can even see 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders talking to him about his backpack! SCORE 1 for MOM! Not only is he liking school, but other people engage him in conversations about his backpack! Thank you Raskullz!
2012-06-07 21.28.232012-06-07 21.28.14
BUY IT: You can buy a Raskullz Backpack for $24.99 on the website\
WIN IT: One Lucky Made.By.Jess Reader will win their very own Raskullz Backpack of Choice!
While you’re there, you may want to take a look at all the cool helmets they have! They have them to match backpacks, and they have some that don’t have backpacks that go with them.
Aidan is still riding a bike with training wheels for right now, but we are about to transition him into NO training wheels, and of course we are going to get him the green Raskullz one! Or- I really like the mohawk one!! ♥
Radgon | GreenMohawk | Blue
As Adisyn also gets ready to ride with no Training wheels, I want to get her one of these- I haven’t decided which one though, because they are all so adorable!
Buggins | PinkCutie Cat | Purple
Unicorn | PinkPrincess | Pink
They also have bikes AND accessories such as bike baskets, handle bar grips, bells, knee pads, training wheels, streamers and seats!
For your older kids, they have a line called Krash!
Liberty Spikes | GreenHorns | Black

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions within this post are honest and not influenced in any way!

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