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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: Galison Planners

Have you been on the lookout for some amazing planners? Well I’ve located some VERY awesome ones. Not only do they help keep me organized, but they look amazing while doing so.

I ended up choosing two types of planners. The first one is a small pocket planner, while the second one is a weekly organizer. I SOOO love both of these!\

Weekly Organizer

Rosehip Weekly Organizer

I didn’t get this particular design. I got a black one with small geometric designs on it. They don’t have any more left of the one I chose, but I wanted to show you this one.

2012-07-05 14.56.25

When you open it up, it has the weekly planner directly in the middle. On the left side, it has a post it note (regular size) to write notes or to-do lists to yourself such as what to get at the grocery or what cleaning supplies to pick up. It then has 2 very small size post it notes above that. This is to stick on whatever you need so that you don’t forget that it’s very important.

Then there is a mid-sized smaller post it note. I use this to write down important dates or reviews that need to be done. It could also be used to write down play dates or work dates that you can easily see. Then there is the pocket. I love the pocket! I use the pocket for coupons! It has a tie around fastener, so that I know my coupons aren’t going to fall out and spread everywhere in my purse or go flying down the aisles at the grocery store.

This is bigger then a pocket planner, but still small enough that it can fit inside my purse. I LOVE having so many note taking places and places to write very important stuff down that way I will NOT forget. Such as making appointments for the kids or myself.

I am SO in love with this weekly planner. It magnetizes together and keeps me very organized.

  • 240 decorative sticky notes total
  • Weekly planner notepad
  • Reclosable envelope for miscellaneous storage
  • Folding package measures 6-1/2 x 7-3/4 x 3/4" closed
  • Foldover flap with magnetic closure
  • BUY IT: The weekly organizers available in 3 different designs are only $17.

    William Morris Morning Garden Pocket Planner

    William Morris Morning Garden Pocket Planner

    A Galison pocket planner is handy at the desk, on the go, or even in your laptop bag. Our William Morris Morning Garden planner was created in cooperation with London's Victoria and Albert Museum, which has a comprehensive assortment of William Morris Art and Crafts designs among its collections.
    This lovely planner features designs from John Henry Dearle's Golden Lily color woodblock print on paper. It was published as a wallpaper sample by Morris & Co. 1880-1917. Flower details and quotations by artists decorate the inside planner pages, and some pages show full-page illustrations of other William Morris patterns. The rose-colored spine text encourages you to "write, plan, create".
    Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
    ---William Morris

    This planner makes a great gift: a charming organizer that doesn't require an Internet connection or a battery!

  • Monthly and weekly layout pages
  • Undated: fill in dates as you use it
  • 192 pages including checklists, contacts, notes, etc.
  • Measures 4-1/2 x 5-3/4" with colored elastic closure
  • My Thoughts*

    I am loving this small little pocket planner. I can stash it inside my purse and write down a short to do list while I am waiting to pick up my son. This way I don’t forget something that is absolutely necessary, while I am thinking about it.

    It has each week on one side- so two weeks on 2 sheets of paper (side by side). This planner isn’t meant for long drawn out to-do list tags. I use this one to tell me what I need to work on with my son pertaining to school work. He has been having trouble learning this year.

    I think it has more to do with his teacher jumping around and not letting them learn one thing before she is on to the next one. During one week, I’ll get his “school work” and he will be learning E, P, D, H, and M instead of learning A-E or whatever.

    I really dislike the way she is teaching the kids. They are small, they are in kindergarten, and they aren’t geniuses. My son was behind anyway because he was so premature. Everybody in his class are 3-5 months ahead of him and it shows.

    That is why I love that I have this planner to help me detail what we should work on each night when he gets home. If she isn’t taking the time to help him learn, I sure will.

    BUY IT: These pocket planners can be bought for $14 on the website. They have tons of different designs on the front!

    About Galison:

    Galison was founded in 1979 to work with museums to make their imagery widely available in the form of well-designed and manufactured paper products. We published some books and calendars before focusing on boxed notecards, fine art stationery, greeting cards, personalized Christmas cards (for individuals and businesses), note cards, journals, and other gift products for writers. Until recently, we did business as GMG Publishing, and were known in the trade as Galison Books, Galison, or Galison/Mudpuppy.
    Although we use a lot of fresh, contemporary designs, we maintain a core group of products using fine art images, and both Galison and Mudpuppy products are popular in museum stores. Our fine art stationery is also found in the best gift, stationery, book, and department stores.
    Mudpuppy Press was launched in 1992. From an early specialization in puzzles, we expanded to our current award-winning offering of puzzles, journals, diaries, educational games, toys, and stationery gifts for children and the young at heart.
    1993 saw the introduction of Galison's Holiday Time line of cards and gifts. Our Christmas and seasonal cards feature unique but accessible imagery and work well for both personal and corporate use. Please e-mail sales@galison.com.
    We're also happy to discuss adapting or creating personalized Christmas cards for you or your business.
    Over the years, Galison has worked with museums, non-profit organizations, and businesses to create private label custom projects. From imprinting existing journals to creating something new, this segment of our business continues to grow!


    We are a hardworking collegial company with offices in Midtown Manhattan. We have a great view of the Chrysler Building and a very personable collection of freshwater tropical fish. We continue to develop new formats and looks while maintaining production values and customer service.
    What do you like? What would like to see? What are we doing right...or could do better?

    Stay Connected with Galison/Mudpuppy on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with their awesome designs!

    Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.



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