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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: ThinkBaby & ThinkSport Bottles


The 9. Oz Sippy Cup


Thinkbaby's products address the growing concern over toxic chemicals leaching from plastic baby products. Their bottles feature a patented venting system that helps reduce colic. Made from recyclable polypropylene, and free of Bisphenol-A, phthalates and lead. Plus, all their packaging is made with recycled materials so you can feel good about purchasing them!


  • Worry Free Transport: Travel cap minimizes spillage
  • Reduction of Colic: Patented venting system reduces incidence of gas and spit up. Venting systems have also been shown to reduce the risk of middle ear infections
  • Extra Soft Spout: High grade silicone
  • Dishwasher Safe: Top rack recommended

My Thoughts*

I love how the nipple is soft and flexible, some of the other sippy cups on the market have a hard plastic top that is hard for little mouths to drink out of. This has a very easy to grasp handle, which makes it easy for little hands to grip and tip.

I usually do not let my kids bring their sippy cup into the car because of leaks and spills. Usually while we are waiting for Aidan in the pickup line, Adisyn will get thirsty and I’ll have to reach around and give her a drink of my water.

With the ThinkBaby sippy, I don’t have to worry about leaks or spills. The handles are removable, which makes it easy to break apart and clean every single part of the cup.

I love that this is dishwasher safe as well. I can just put this in with a top load and it comes clean without any specks or grime stuck inside if I don’t feel like washing it by hand.

Buy It: Only $8.49 for the soft nipple sippy cup


It is BPA free, which makes it safe as well as innovatively made! I love that it comes in a bright orange color.!

thinkster - straw bottle - 9oz

We also got the transition straw top. Because my daughter already has grasped the sippy drinking aspect, I thought the straw top would be new and cool for her. She really did like it. It was awesome because we could put it in her diaper bag and take it with us to restaurants and she would be drinking out of a straw just like the rest of the family. Winking smile 

BUY IT: The Straw Bottle is available for only $9.99, or you could buy the straw conversion kit for only $3.99


ThinkSport Bottles


  • Double-walled and vacuum-sealed stainless steel - keeps contents hot or cold for hours

  • Perfect of hot or cold beverages - does not sweat (for cold contents) or burn your hand (for hot contents)

  • Contoured design - makes the bottle easy to hold and visually distinctive from the many, many straight-walled bottles

  • Removable mesh filter - keeps ice from blocking the drinking spout and allows users to conveniently brew tea on the go

  • Unsurpassed testing for material safety - our products undergo rigorous chemical and biologic testing to insure they do not contain toxic chemicals

  • Available sizes: 750ml (25oz) and 350ml (12oz)

  • Available colors: Polished Silver, Pure White, Black, and Yellow

My Thoughts*

All thinksport bottles are super insulated to keep the contents cold or hot for hours. I love that whether I’m jogging, waiting for my son in the pickup line, or having a picnic with the kids- I can always count on the Thinksport bottle to keep my beverage hot or cold!

I can fill the bottle with ice and water, kool aide, or soda and know that if I put this in my purse that it isn’t going to sweat all over my stuff and get it wet. It doesn’t sweat at ALL!

I also love that I can tip it sideways and lay it down inside a lunchbox or lunchpail and it never EVER leaks out! It also contains a wide mouth easy for me to drink out of, or pour my drink into. I never have to worry that the drink is going to come flowing out and spill all down my shirt.

They have also stuck in a little mesh filter thing that keeps the ice from blocking the drink hole. Every other water bottle that I have ever tried—it’s hard to EVEN stick ice inside because of the small mouth spout. With this it not only opens up to where I can add as much or as little ice as I want AND a mesh filter that lets me drink without getting the hole stopped up with ice.

I love the black design with the yellow ring around the top. Everytime I see a design like that I always think about the old cancer survivor bracelets. I love that it also comes in other colors. I am definitely buying the yellow one, and then giving the black one to Adam. !

I loved both of these innovative bottles. ThinkBaby and ThinkSport stay on top of the game of finding not only functional designs, but beautifully designed as well. Winking smile

BUY IT: You can buy this insulated water bottle for only $19.99

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in the post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.


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