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Review: The Paper Worker Customized Binders & Scrapbooks

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Christmas is right around the corner, and I have a company that I want to tell you about. The Paper Worker is an amazing site where you can buy everything for your home and office and get it customized for YOU!

I LOVE this site. I am always trying to find the most durable binders that also let you choose a variety of designs. Not only does The Paper Worker have a variety of designs, but they also have 4 types of BINDERS to customize; Vinyl, Organic, Reinforced Paperboard, and Turned Edge Casemade!

You can choose Gloss, Matte or Linen finish, Standard and Half-Sizes, Round or Angle-D Rings, Black, White or Printed Inside Liner, AND they are Eco-Friendly Certified by FSC.

As a small business owner, I definitely need to get the word out about my name. Whether it’s business cards, binders, folders, notebooks. Anything I get a chance to customize- I definitely will.

There is nothing better than to look at something and see your name or your business name on it. It does something to my heart. It makes being a business owner seem so surreal! Saying “You’ve DONE it!”

I ended up being able to choose [2] 2" casemade binders, a scrapbook and the 3x3" box. OMG- Just let me tell you- I was SO excited to see these at my doorstep. I was anticipating the arrival. I was so excited!

Below is the picture of what my binder started out being. Just a blank binder waiting for my nimble little fingers to designed whatever I pleased. They gave the option of using their pictures (they have many many AWESOME pictures) which is where the colored pencil picture came from.


You can customize everything on these. That has have colored themes that you can flip through once you have chosen a binder. I ended up going with the orange theme for my colored pencil binder. Then I put my Blog’s name up top. You can even design the back!

The best thing about this is that you can view it in 3D as you design. I knew exactly what my binders were going to look like before they arrived. There wasn’t even 1 flaw. Everything was in order, nothing was hanging off or misplaced. Everything was

 2012-07-07 13.07.26

This is of course my crafty binder. The binders are absolutely HUGE and I love them. Not only can I put 2-3 packs of dividers in this, but I can organize EVERYTHING These can hold a 5 subject, 3 subject, 1 subject, and 2 folders!

I not only had room to put all of “designs”, but it also let me put all the information I need about which products work best with each other- how much I spent on certain items, so that I could better price everything when it was ready to be sold.

I could also print ideas that I got from online such as pinterest, other blogs, and craft websites such as totally tutorials. I love huge binders. Now I don’t have to have a million different binders- just ONE!

I love being organized in such a beautiful way. These customized binders aren’t that much then a regular binder that you’re going to buy at wal-mart. The ones at walmart can run up to $25. The ones you buy at walmart have THEIR designs, not yours. AND this one is only $30 for full customization.

There is nothing like walking into a business meeting or a meeting with a customer and having your name plastered on a beautifully designed binder. This shows that you’re serious about what you do!

2012-07-10 07.12.112012-07-10 07.12.18

This is my new blog binder. I can keep up with what posts need to be posted, what reviews need to be done, and which giveaways go live on what day. I love being organized with such beauty.

This are VERY high quality binders. They aren’t thin, so I know that they are going to hold up very nicely. I love that I can easily flip through my information. The papers don’t get stuck to each other making it hard to go through everything! I can now easily reach whatever I need to.

These binders may be big, but they fit all sized folders and tabs. So you can insert whatever you need so that you can have easy access to different sections!

I love that both front and back are both customized. These binders are absolutely stunning in every single way. If you know someone who LOVES to be organized, a small business owner, someone who loves to save recipes.. the potential for these binders are absolutely endless!


The Customizable Scrapbook!

2012-07-07 13.06.29

Do you love to keep memories of your family? I know that I do. My Grandma got me scrapbooking a long time ago. She loved to scrapbook. She and I would sit down together and create cute little books for my entire family.

Now that she is gone; passed away Feb 2011, I definitely want to continue the tradition. I am loving the look of the scrapbooks on The Paper Worker. I love that you can choose the color and then add whatever image you want. After you add the image, you can customize it with your family name.

I haven’t had the time or money to buy any scrapbook supplies yet, but when I do- I’ll post the pictures on here. I could always do digital scrapbook kits and then print them off. I love that there are so many potential ideas I can use with this because it is built like a binder with the 3 binder loops- so all I have to do is cut out the paper the size of the binder and use my paper punch to punch the holes.

That means I could even use decoupage to add fabric, ricrac, or lace to the outside of my pages! OH so many ideas.. LOL

These scrapbooks are only   on the Paper Worker website. How cool is that? This would be the perfect Christmas Gift for your mom, your husband’s mom, your grandma, best friend, sister.. just about anybody.

Whether you know someone who just had a new baby, is graduating high school or college, or is having a birthday—they have designs for you!


Prices starting at $40.

The customizable 3x3x3 Box

2012-07-07 13.40.27

For this, I got to choose a small customizable box. I love this little box. This is the perfect small gift holder idea. Customize it with their name on it, place their gif inside, and NO need to gift wrap.

I chose mine to sit on my desk and hold paper-clips and staples so that I can easily access them. I chose the zebra print with the pink circle on top. I have been into the animal print for awhile now. I think the animal prints are just so beautiful. They have many many different designs though.

These would also be perfect for favor boxes for a wedding shower, anniversary, wedding, baby shower, or birthday party! The designs are absolutely


Overall- I love how easy the website is to navigate. It is super easy to find your way around. They have everything up top in the tabs with a fall-down menu when you click on whatever tab you want. If you aren’t finding what you need up top, you can always use the search bar!

Shipping was SUPER fast. Within 3-4 days of ordering- my order was at my doorstep. They take extra precautions when mailing. They have everything wrapped in tissue paper tucked under long very thick sheets of brown paper! Customer service was super responsive and very nice.

You can design your stuff online, or if you don’t have time to design it right then and there- you can download the PDF of whatever it is you want to order and upload your designs when your done. They make everything super super simple and fun! I had so much fun designing my binders, scrapbook, and box!

Shop ThePaperWorker.com or Custom Binders, Custom Printed Boxes, CD Sleeves and Presentation Folder Printing. No Minimum Quantity. Customize and Order Online Today!

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only,The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.



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