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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: Slice Products- Slanted Tweezers & Safety Cutter

Your goal is to slice. Our goal is to help you do it with style, beauty, and grace. That’s why every Slice™ cutting tool is a passionate celebration of bold design and extraordinary function.

We collaborate with some of the most innovative designers on the planet. They take everyday objects - scissors, safety knives, letter openers, ceramic knives, Safety Cutters- and rethink them. How can a safety cutter or a pair of scissors be better? What can we do to reinvent a Box Cutter so it is easier to use? How can we reconfigure beauty tools to make them into works of art?


Slanted Precision Tweezers

What do you get when you combine the design skills of famed architect Michael Graves, two years of testing and development, and collaboration with top beauty professionals, stylists and estheticians? The result is a tweezer experience like you've never had before. Perfectly aligned, hand-filed slanted tips and a wide, comfortable rubberized red soft-touch grip for expert precision, every time.

- Perfectly aligned slanted edges

- Hand-filed precision tips

- Ideal for professional brow shaping

- Professional grade stainless steel

- Soft-touch red rubberized finish

- Wide comfort grip

- For home or salon

My Thoughts*

I don’t know how many times I’ve almost stabbed my own eye out trying and trying to get the perfect tweeze. The thin little tweezers make it so hard to get the perfect hold on it that most of the time I spend trying to hold it right.

With this slanted Tweezers- I never have to do that! They are PERFECTLY fit for my hand, so I spend more time tweezing and less time fighting with the tweezers. These have a rubberized material around them, so it’s a no-slip grip! No eye gouging here!

These are nice and sharp. They are thick which makes them perfect for grabbing what needs to be grabbed. There is no problem with having to re-do the same spot a million and five times because it wasn’t done right the first time.

These tweezers are perfect for shaping eyebrows. I don’t even want to count how many times I’ve had eyebrow mishaps and ended up with less eyebrow then I meant to.- With these, What I am grabbing for is what it grabs. No problems, no excuses, and absolutely beautifully shaped eyebrows!

I LOVE these.!

You can find these and other Beauty Care products on the Slice website, as well as many products for the Kitchen , the Home & Office and Safety and Industrial.

BUY IT: Slanted Soft Touch Tweezers for only $20


Ceramic Safety Cutter



Let’s cut to the chase. You need a cutting tool that’s quick, easy and safe. Scrapbooking, news articles, coupons, art projects, plastic packages designed to keep out Houdini – don’t grab scissors or some other weapon of mass destruction. Instead, keep Slice Safety Cutter handy with its high-tech ceramic blade that’s almost as hard as diamonds. You’ll find it just as valuable as you slice through projects with ease and keep your fingers safe and sound. The recessed ceramic blade lasts longer than steel and never rusts. Ever! Add a built-in magnet and key-ring hole, and its two thumbs up for the Slice Safety Cutter. Simple. Sharp. Safe. A portion of the purchase price of the Slice Safety Cutter is donated to fund Autism research.


My Thoughts*

This is one of those innovative products that make you think “how did I ever live without this?” It cuts paper, opens envelopes, cuts coupons, and opens plastic packaging,  It even slits open the tape on boxes and packaging.

I am in love with this! I can now cut coupons and pictures from magazine without worrying about cutting and damaging the second page of the newspaper or magazine.

When this first arrived, I had doubts about how this little tiny bump on the safety slicer would cut through EVEN paper, much less tape and plastic packaging. IT DID though. I was absolutely speechless. Simply stunned.

I have tons of packages arriving almost daily, and it’s hard for me NOT to have to use a knife or box cutter. But as a mom, having to use these is a little worry-some. What if they try and use it, and cut off their fingers or cut themselves?

Now I don’t have to worry about that, because even though this cuts paper, cardboard, tape, and plastic without any problems- it WILL NOT cut hands or fingers.

To make it cut plastic, you have to press down a little harder (which is understandable) but to cut coupons, envelopes, and paper- just swipe it across and Wa-lah- your coupons are all laid out for you and you didn’t even have to use scissors or paper clippers!

This is amazing. It has a magnet built right in so that I can stick it to the side of my metal shelf, or on my refrigerator with no problem. The best thing is- I know where it is when it’s needed. I don’t have to dig in the silverware drawer for a knife- or search through my stuff for my box cutter or scissors.

This thing is SO handy and it’s only $5.99. This is perfect! It also has a hole on the very top so that you can slide something through it and hang it on a keychain or from a hook in your office! This is great for both left and right hands, easy to grip and won’t slip out of your hands because it’s made of rubberized material.

The blade on it will never rust, so you can use it again and again and again. Many years out of $5.99. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for couponers or scrapbookers!

Have you ever had problems cutting the plastic off items such as DVDs and CDs? I know I have. I can’t even pinch it to get a spot where I can knick it with scissors to get it off. I end up looking silly trying to pull a corner with my teeth so I can get a grip on a corner. Now I don’t have to do that. This slices right through the plastic without ruining the cover on the CD or DVD.

This has saved me not only time, but sanity as well. Everything comes out perfectly.!

BUY IT: Safety Cutter for $5.99

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, the products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.



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