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Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: SnapNStore creative Storage

Snap-N-Store® Creative Storage

Snap-N-Store® storage products offer creative and fashionable storage options for your office and any room in your home. You'll find elegant chrome accents, sharp high-gloss or leather-like embossed finishes and beautiful designs and colors so attractive you'll want to display them as decorative accents right where they're used. Snap-N-Store® products are unique because they assemble quickly with a "snap" and fold down easy for transportation or storage when not in use.

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Magazine File, Scroll

Magazine File, Scroll - Scroll Pattern - Snap-N-Store - SNS01837

Shelf, desk, or counter-top storage for brochures, manuals, or magazines.

  • Metal label holder makes locating contents easy
  • Grommet in spine simplifies removal from shelves
  • Constructed of heavy-duty fiberboard
  • Attractive, leather-like PVC laminate
  • Stores flat and snaps together when you need them
  • Scroll Pattern

I am loving this. It is VERY sturdy. I TRY not to cram folders full, but when they are holding business files and craft tutorials, sometimes it just can’t be helped. I LOVED these. They are SO dependable, never ONCE giving in and collapsing, swaying, or threatening to break under the pressure!

I love that this can just slide right on my desk so that I can have it right at my fingertips when needed. Everything is just so easy to find and keep up with and when you’re working from home organization is absolutely essential.

In this- I store a reusable folder that has all the press releases from companies, 6 different 1 subject notebooks labeled with; Kids, Beauty/Fashion, Electronic/Gadgets, Home/Office, and Contacts. I leave the extra one for writing down when something is supposed to be coming in the mail.

I LOVE being organized. It has helped me stay on track with getting work done. I spend more time ACTUALLY working then I do looking for something and then losing hope because I’ve got so many papers piled on top of each other.

The more organized I stay, the more productive my work flow is. I have noticed that SnapNStore is ABSOLUTLEY the reason for this. If you work at home, have kids who are in school or college, or maybe YOU have went back- these items are MUST HAVE’s.

BUY IT: The magazine holders are only $5.99 on the website.

Letter-Size File Box, Scroll

Letter-Size File Box, Scroll - Scroll Pattern - Snap-N-Store - SNS01836

  • Perfect for desktop, countertop, or for longer term storage
  • Leather-like PVC laminate
  • Chrome accents
  • Steel reinforced top edges are sized to accommodate letter-size hanging file folders
  • Heavy-duty fiberboard walls are durable and sturdy
  • Ships and stores flat, but snaps together in seconds for use
  • Chrome-steel handles for easy carrying, and chrome card holder for labeling
  • Scroll

When you’re digging and digging looking for a paper you need, something MUST be done. I have tried and tried forever to store all my business and craft info in binders- but there were so many different binders, that it was just the same thing. Searching and searching.

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a problem if I had the space to visibly line every binder and book up by sections. It would certainly make it easier on me. But this is real life and I don’t have a library located in my house, I would certainly need one. =D

Not only do these make my office space absolutely beautiful because of the stunning designs on these boxes, but it actually looks like an office instead of a hoarder hole with paper everywhere.

Now that I have all my files in one spot, I can easily find ANYTHING I need. I used this one for my review items. I have labeled hanging file folders that I bought at a yardsale and kept everything neat and tidy. Now when I get done with a review, I just locate where the paper needs to be and store it. Simple as that.

I am loving that these have metal handles on the side, so if I need to bring them closer to me, I can just grab the handles and do it. I don’t have to worry about packing it like a box and it accidentally slipping out of my hands and spewing files and folders everywhere. Gosh! what a mess that would be.

These are very roomy and I stack the smaller letter file holder on top of the Legal Letter Holder. They can slide right under my desk or be stacked on top of my shelf for easy as pie access.

I have already had tons of friends ask me where I got these. These would be absolutely PERFECT gifts for the business mogul in your life, at home entrepreneur, college student.. or even someone looking to store recipes or magazine clippings. You CANNOT beat the quality for the price here.

Nothing on the website is over $20, most even under $12. They have plain colors- so this is EVEN for the MEN in your life, As a Book Lover, Writer, Crafter, and Work at home Mom- these products have saved me in more ways than I can explain. I actually got excited when these arrived in the mail.

BUY IT: This is only $9.99 on the website

Letter / Legal File Box, Scroll 

Letter / Legal File Box, Scroll - Scroll Pattern - Snap-N-Store - SNS01835

Keep your important files close at hand.

  • Accommodates letter or legal-size hanging file folders
  • Desktop, countertop or archival filing
  • Leather-like PVC laminate
  • Chrome accents
  • Heavy-duty fiberboard walls are durable and sturdy
  • Ships and stores flat, but snaps together in seconds for use
  • Chrome-steel handles for easy carrying
  • Chrome card holder for labeling
  • Scroll Pattern

These arrive flat, and they didn’t even take a full minute to get all 3 up and looking absolutely divine. The inside of these are extremely durable. There is absolutely no way that these are going to bust or break due to thin inexpensive material. These are top notch items all for very VERY cheap.

I had been looking for something like these forever, but nothing was within reason. They all looked very low quality yet were expensive in comparison to these. I am definitely going to be adding more of these to my collection. I love how they can stack up without the worry of bending the tops in and ruining all of my work.

I was surprised at how fast these arrived. They were SUPER quick at getting to my house. That made it even better. I was daydreaming about these and how awesome they would look.! The snaps make them so easy to fold flat and store if you happen to move or something.

Everything about these products are so innovative and designed so elegant. I love that they didn’t just offer black and white. These look beautiful in my office and I just love walking in there now and knowing that my files aren’t only protected but  sitting in something beautiful.

BUY IT: This is only $10.99 on the website.

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Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are completely honest and not influenced in any way.



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