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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Starlooks ~ Starbox September Box


I admit it, I am a makeup junkie. I love makeup, no matter what kind it is. I love trying out new colors, new shades, and new textures. There is nothing that I won’t try. I was excited to learn about the Starlooks Starbox. This is a monthly box you get with 3-5 FULL sized samples of makeup.

2012-06-08 22.18.382012-06-08 22.18.56

I loved the way they giftwrapped the makeup inside the box with a peach colored paper. It made it look so elegant and classy. If you look through the website, you will see that they have tons of different colors in everything they have, which is a huge plus for me (the makeup geek).

Citron Lipstick


Formulated to shade, define, and style your perfect lip. This ultra smooth formulation applies and blends effortlessly. True vibrant colors with hydration. Apply directly onto lips or, for a softer look, use a lip brush to blend out edges. Shades can be mixed for stunning effects. Superior texture, vibrant color, and long lasting. Stands out in any atmosphere. Quality above and beyond your high-end brand. Designed to be paired with Starlooks lip liner, and Starlooks lip gloss!

2012-06-08 22.19.272012-06-08 22.19.20

The first thing I just had to try was this lipstick. I have never had the pleasure of using an orange citrus shade of lipstick. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like it.

2012-06-19 19.33.17

But I really really did like it. It isn’t such a DEEP orange. It’s more an orange shimmer which is absolutely beautiful. I would say the uniqueness of this shade is what makes it so fabulous.

Not only is this color breathtaking, but it brings out the orange flecks in my eyes, There has never been a previous lipstick to EVER to do this! I LOVE it!\

Here are some of the other lipstick shades I am dying to try.!


All of their lipstick shades are not only brilliantly pigmented, but they are fashionably named as well. I am loving this company already.

You can buy the lipsticks for $9 a piece on the website

Gold Dust Eyeshadow

Color Eye Shadows

The second item in this box is a beautiful gold shimmered eye shadow.

2012-06-19 19.33.23

It is really hard to see this eyeshadow. My camera just wouldn’t take a perfect picture of this no matter how hard I tried. When I would use flash- it was too bright and you couldn’t see anything, so I had to turn the flash completely off and this is what I got.

The gold is a very beautiful color and because my eyes are green/hazel with flecks of orange, this eye shadow shimmer looked absolutely stunning! It’s great for on the go because it has a second layer under the eyeshadow that holds the shadow brush! And it has a mirror at the top! A+

Here are some other eyeshadows I ♥:

Color Eye ShadowsColor Eye ShadowsColor Eye ShadowsColor Eye ShadowsColor Eye ShadowsColor Eye Shadows

The eyeshadows are available for $9 a piece on the website

Classy Blush


The last item is the classy blush. This blush is mind-blowing beautiful. Not only because it looks so natural and blended right in with my skin, but because it gave me such a sunkissed bronzed look.

2012-06-08 22.20.212012-06-08 22.20.27

I love that it comes with it’s own brush located in a second layer under the blush. You just flip it open, grab the brush, and use the mirror that comes with it and wa-lah instant beauty!

Here are some of the other blushes I would like to try:


The blushes are available for $12 a piece on the website.

2012-06-19 19.42.122012-06-19 19.42.05

These colors completes such a beautiful look, each color complementing the others. I am SO glad to have been able to discover this! AND if you sign up for the monthly boxes (which is only $15.00

If you added up these 3 items, you’re going to be paying $30 if you bought them all separately. Buying the monthly box means you get a HUGE discount, actually a 50% discount!


To order visitStarlooks.com.

“The feeling I get when I create myself into a work of art is unmatched to any other form of expression available to me. The moment I surrender any shred of doubt keeping me from fully transforming into an expanded version of myself is a bliss unmatchable.  This, in combination with pushing the boundaries of detailed, 3 dimensional artistry that can be worn and shown off, make the work of creating garments work worth doing. ” – Lauren Bradley

Be sure to follow Starlooks




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