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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Roaring Springs paper products review & Giveaway

I was extremely excited to be able to review these notebooks. If you haven’t noticed, I am a notebook NERD. I am always buying new notebooks, binders, and loose leaf paper. I am addicted to office supplies!

I have so many interests, that it is essential for me to keep all the information separate. Because I use so much paper, I am always on the lookout for companies who are environment friendly.

Trees are becoming more and more scarce because the amount of wood being cut down and used for paper, homes, and furniture. True- some of them are being replanted, but it takes years and years for a tree to grow back the size they were when they are cut. So I was glad to find out about Roaring Springs Paper Products, which are made of sugarcane fibers.

All Roaring Spring Paper Products ARE conscious about the environment. Instead of cutting trees down and making them into paper, Roaring Springs paper products are made of sugarcane! Makes me proud to write on these beautifully constructed paper!

They have reduced their landfill waste by 99% and by producing sugarcane paper they help preserve over 60,000 acres of forestland every year! Another bonus is that they are an American owned company!

My main concern was if the notebooks would hold up to me writing, writing, and writing some more. Would they hold up to being placed inside my purse for to-go to notes while I am waiting for my son to get out of school.

Would they write the same as regular paper? Would the notebooks turn easily and not get snagged in the wire-bound part? I am here to tell you all about my experience!

The first products I am going to tell you about are the White and Yellow Wide Landscape Pads. These pads are college ruled, have 40 sheets per pad, and are 11” x 9.5”

2012-05-21 17.25.332012-05-21 17.25.51

I am always trying to organize blog posts, giveaways, and reviews that need to be written. I’ve tried writing them and sticking them in a binder, but needless to say- they end up getting torn and ripped because of how much I write.

It was nice to have these flip-top notebooks. The yellow one is for reviews and giveaways past and present. This way I can keep track of the companies that I’ve worked with, the products I’ve reviewed, and the prizes the companies have offered to my readers,

This has helped me TONS to stay organized. I started with 2010, which is when I started reviewing products. Looked at my blog and wrote down each company, website, contact info, and more. The paper is wide enough that I can get it all on one line.!

The white notebook is for non-review blog posts that I want to write. I have been swamped with reviews here lately, and haven’t gotten a chance to really write any non-review posts, so now I can just put this in my backpack or purse and take it with me when I ‘m in the pickup line waiting for Aidan to get out of school.

I can write thoughts about new blog posts, craft tutorial ideas, and mentions that I want to write. These notebooks were very easy to write on. I could even flip them over, and use the 5 subject notebook as an “underneath clipboard” so that it was easier for me to write on the back of the pages.!

The second are the Mini Wide Landscape Pads (8×6)

2012-05-21 17.26.22

These little flip top notebooks are amazing.! They come in a variety of colors; I received the blue, pink, and purple notebooks. Aidan started Kindergarten this year, so he and I have been practicing his letters on the blue notebook.

Because they are already lined.. I just write the Big Letter on one space at the top of the notebook, and then the little letter in the middle of the page. This gives him room to practice his small AND big letters while having them on the same page.

I let Adisyn have the pink notebook because she wanted to practice her letters as well when she seen Aidan doing his. She’s only 3, so it’s mostly scribbles, but they LOVED having their own favorite color notebooks.

These notebooks would also be great for writing recipes, shopping lists, crafts, or just notes to yourself. They are the perfect size to fit inside a purse, so you can just drop them in your purse and hit the store- ready for your shopping with everything on hand!

Lastly, I would like to mention these amazing school or office subject notebooks. Roaring Spring Wire Bound Notebook--1 Subject , 3 subject, & 5 subject.

2012-05-21 17.27.312012-05-21 17.27.202012-05-21 17.27.07


I have to say that these notebooks rank 10/10 on my paper scale. They are even thicker than regular paper. The pages NEVER get caught in the wirebound part like some wirebound notebooks.

It’s easy to turn the pages, so you can write on the back of a page. I love that they come in so many color choices. I got the green, black, and red. It was easy for me to write on the front of them with sharpies, so that I knew which notebook held what.

The inside of the notebook has 2 full pages of class schedules. This would be great for Middle and High Schoolers. So that in the beginning of the year they wouldn’t get their classes confused and end up in the Gym when they were supposed to be in science! =)

2012-06-12 18.36.44

Buy it: Roaring Spring paper products are sold at many online retailers such as Amazon and Staples (in store as well as online).

Win It: One Lucky Made.By.Jess reader will win a 1,3, & 5 subject notebook as well as a white landscape notebook.

Connect with Roaring Springs:

On Facebook, Twitter or G+.

Disclosure: This isn’t a sponsored post, all products were sent for review purposes only. The opinions in this post are honestly my own and not influenced in any way!

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