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Monday, October 1, 2012

Crafting with an InkJet Label Printer

As a crafter, in todays world- it is SO easy to create so many different things. The numbers are limitless. I sew, crochet, and want to get into making my own candles, body products, and cleaning products.
When I sew and crochet, I get lost in the making of the item. It’s so easy for me to sit down- grab the yarn and crochet sticks or go to my sewing machine and fabric and just make whatever is in my heart’s desire.
This not only lets me relax and enjoy creating something out of nothing. When I’m done, I get the pleasure of seeing something that I created with my hands.

Now that I have an inkjet label printer, I can create my own customized labels for my handmade items. It will not only make them look more professional, but they would be so much eye catching!
Using an inkjet label printer was so easy and had such a great outcome. The ink never ran or blurred together. I can insert iron-on sheets into the printer, print out my design, and then iron it on.
Not only does it look much thicker, but if I make a tote or a blanket- the person who buys it can wash it without the label coming off!

The last thing I was able to make (which made me SUPER SUPER happy) was my first crocheted blanket. I have made tons of different purses, bags for ereaders and tablets, scarves, and bookmarks- but finishing a giant project was absolutely exciting.

It was even more fabulous when I got to make the label and attach it! Nothing like seeing a beautiful handmade piece with your name on it. ;) I want to start an etsy shop with all the stuff I make, but haven't. I've been a chicken and just been saving the stuff I make. I have no clue why- but when my designs are in the hands of another person, it suddenly seems to have flaws it didn't have before.

I start thinking to myself ways I could have made it better, why it shouldn't look like that, and so on. When in real perspective- it probably doesn't have anything wrong with it. It's just my mind working overtime. ;(


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