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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Green Grab Bag

Things have been extremely hectic over here. Since my son has started Kindergarten- there have been tons of problems for him. He is having trouble learning. They think he may be dyslexic and/or have ADHD.
They’ve put him in speech therapy as well as a “reading helper” group- where another teacher comes and gets him and takes him to a separate room to teach him 1 on 1.
But anyways, the reason for the words above- is to tell you that I was supposed to tell you about the Green Grab Bag in August, but with all the stress of going to doctors and the extra attention he has needed, I’ve been a bit behind.
Green Grab Bag is an amazing way to discover new eco-conscious beauty products! The Green Grab bag is a mixture between full and sample size. Some are full sized products, while others are just samples.
This is an extremely great deal for only $15 a month including shipping. In each bag comes approximately 6 samples that are all completely natural, organic, and vegan.
Even their packaging is 100% organic. I loved that the bag looked like a revamped brown grocery type of bag. But it had lime green leafs floating down the sides, which is just so simply beautiful. Inside the bag was lime green shredded paper surrounding the samples! OH was I in love. You all know how much I LOVE green.
I was extremely thrilled to be able to receive this bag. What I pulled out of the Green Grab Bag (August Edition) was all about beginning the Autumn season and leaving the summer behind. It was all about hydrating, revitalizing, and exfoliating.
2012-06-24 22.54.15
In this Bag was:
Selma Valentines Whipped Body Butter (Fresh Bloom):
organic and eco-friendly love right here. I’m not sure how I ever lived without this. It may be a body butter but I sneak and use it as a hand lotion as well. I can’t stand dry skin. It absolutely freaks me out. I get shivers if I have dry hands. HAND DOWN this product is the most amazing eco-body butter I’ve ever had.
This is 100% fabulous and I’ve already fallen in love with the first use. When you open the tub of body butter- it instantly smells like someone sent me a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. I reach in and feel it with my fingertips and it feels just like silk whipped up into a bubbly mousse! Amazing!!
I looked up her website and she offers MORE scents in this product. SO- guess who’s stocking up? YOU got that right! Shh.. don’t tell. I’ll have to hide them. Adam tell me I have too many skincare products already. It’s my very own loving indulgence. =D
Scrubz Natural Skin Care Lipz Shea Butter Lip Balm (Chocolate Kiss):

This is another amazing moisturizing product! I’ve had dry, chapped lips for the past several weeks. This has really calmed them down and rehydrated them.
They needed it extremely bad. This has an amazing scent as well. It smells just like a chocolate fondue or candy bar. YUM. It has no taste, which is perfect because if it did- I’m pretty sure I might just eat one of my lips (or maybe both) because it smells absolutely scrumptious!
You only need a very small amount to make this spread across both lips. It not only hydrates the lips but it has vitamins in it to help HEAL>
All the ingredients are right on the top of the lid; Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Canola, Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Supreme, Soybean and Vitamin E.
All of these ingredients work extremely well together to bring an irresistable lip butter!
Tierra Mia Organics Raw Goat Milk Soap (Rosemary Lavender):
Tierra Mia Organics, Raw Goat Milk Skin Therapy, Body Soap Bar, Rosemary Lavender, 4.2 oz
This has no sulfates, parabens, or Chemical Preservatives. It is gluten free- so it’s great for even sensitive skin!
Not only have I been using this, I’ve been using this on the kids as well. It’s very moisturizing unlike most bar soaps. I don’t usually use bar soaps because they leave my skin dry and itchy. I’m usually more of a body wash kind of girl, but I;m glad I gave this one a chance.
This has beneficial ingredients to help sooth eczema and dry skin. So on top of it helping and rehydrating skin it also smells amazing. The rosemary and lavender mix together to make a beautiful, relaxing scent.
Emtage Hair SILKtage Rejuvenating Serum
This is SO naturally healing and extremely great for dry, damaged hair. After the FIRST use, my hair felt smoother and was easier to manage. There is no silicone or chemicals inside this oil, which makes it EVEN better.
Not only did this help with my split ends, but it added volume to my fine hair when used as a before shampoo treatment. My hair was never weighed down or sticky like most healing oils. My head usually itches from dry scalp, and no matter what dandruff shampoo I use: I still get that pricky pokey feeling sometimes. This has definitely restored the moisture to my scalp AND my hair!
Moody Sisters Organic Eye Cream:
10 ml Eye Cream & Cuticle Cream--Age Fighting and Soothing with cucumber extract and carrot seed oil - Organic (Safe on sensitive eyes)
The story behind The Moody Sisters is what caught my eye the most about this. It is so interesting and alluring. The younger sister had severe allergic reactions to commercial face wash, deodorant, and other skin care products. It even ended up sending her to the hospital on occasion.
She turned to her sister and they both began making their own. They did this until they perfected their craft and began sharing it with others.
This eye cream is loaded with essential oils and vitamins, so it easily soaks into my skin to help with the circles, puffiness, and bags!

Green Tea Skin Anti-Aging Cream
Green Tea Skin 1.70 Ounces
Smooth over clean face, decollete, hands and eye area. Use alone or under your favorite products. Use morning, night or as needed. Great for all skin types. Allergy tested oil free
Skin products with Green Tea in them have proved to be top of the line. Green Tea helps with younger looking, healthier skin. Green Tea's EGCG is a proven skin cell rejuvenator, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. EGCG is 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 200 times more potent than Vitamin E in suppressing free radicals that compromise skin's health and appearance.
This is a natural anti-aging product! It has a brown tint to it, but it’s natural (from the ingredients) and doesn’t smell bad either!
This is an amazing gift bag! Whether you’re looking to find new eco-friendly vegan skin and hair care- or you just like trying things that are cheap- this is for you! For only $15 a month or you can purchase their yearly membership with a 20% discount attached.
This is such an amazing deal. Just the Rosemary and Lavender soap is almost more than $15!
Be sure to follow the Green Grab Bag

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