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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: Caboodles- Vanity Dreams & Le Sophistique ‘IT’ bag in pink


imageCaboodles have been around for awhile. Those older cases were always on my Christmas wish lists. When I finally got one, I was super excited. I kept everything from makeup, hair ties, to fingernail polish inside of it. Having something to keep my stuff in, away from my little sisters prying fingers was a dream!


Caboodles made their debut in 1987, but I didn’t get mine until around 1998. They are hard cases made primarily for your makeup and essentials. Now they offer a variety of sizes and designs both in hard cases and not.


I was ecstatic when I got a chance to work with them! I ended up choosing the ‘IT’ bag Le Sophistique & Vanity Dreams Crystal Clear Organizer.

‘IT’ bag Le Sophistique

2012-06-24 18.58.29

World traveler or overnighter, this 10pc bag set will meet all your needs while satisfying your cosmopolitan style! Inside the clear zippered carryall bag you'll find a large upright bag, rectangular brush bag with protector flap, tubular bag, clear half-moon bag, specs case and 4 brushes/applicator tools included!

This has every makeup bag that you could EVER hope or think you’ll need for your makeup and all your essentials. When it arrived in the mail, I was SUPER excited. I couldn’t wait! I dumped all my makeup (A TON) on my bed and began organizing it.

This has six bags that come with it; A clear zippered carryall, large upright bag, tubular bag, rectangular brush bag with protector flap, Specs case, & clear half moon bag. It also comes with it’s own brushes- 4 to be exact.

2012-06-24 19.34.22

Sorry for the blinding hot spot at the top- my camera’s flash caught the mirror on this bag! I was super excited to see a mirror included. Who doesn’t want to carry an extra mirror (without having to THINK about packing it?). This bag is pretty large and can carry all my foundations both liquid and powder, my concealers, and makeup primers.


I love that I can add my own brushes to this amazing little bag. This can slip inside my purse, or the larger caboodle case. The plaid flip top case is actually another little bag that comes with the Le Sophistique.WP_000754

This is what the brushes come in. I love the plaid colors of these bags! They are so pretty! I like all the brushes that come with the pouch. The largest brush isn’t strong enough to hold mineral or powder foundation, but it’s ok for applying blush.


I love the thinness of the second brush pictured above. I can dab this in eyeshadow and make a perfect thin line. It’s perfect for lining the top of my eyeshadow with a lighter or darker color to bring out my eyes.

The second is a long handled eye shadow application brush. I love that it gives me more control of the eyeshadow. The shorter brushes makes my hand become right in the way, so I have to apply it a little to the left or right if I want to see what I’m doing. With this one, I can apply it and not worry that I’m applying it too darkly or going too far to the right! Just perfect.

The last two brushes are amazing as well. You can use the thin brush for a lipliner or eyeliner brush. I use it as an eyeliner brush. It’s perfectly thin, so it’s great to use with mineral eyeshadow (applying as liner) or cream liners. I love it! The last brush I use RIGHT before and after applying mascara. It helps bring out the fullness of my lashes BEFORE applying the mascara. AFTER I use the mascara, it helps to thin out the mascara so it doesn’t have chunks in it.

2012-06-24 18.58.29

The Le Sophistique caught my eye the most because it’s made of extremely durable material. This means that I’m not going to have to repurchase the same thing for a really long time. It can be easily thrown in a suitcase or duffle bag for a weekend with your hunny or out with your friends.

Now that the holidays are nearing, more people are going to be traveling and there is absolutely NO way I’d travel without my makeup! Especially with all those holiday pictures! No way!

This is perfect for those long or short trips! Helps keep everything organized and within reach! I’ve search around at all the online stores, and the Le Sophistique “IT” bag all seem to be under $20. It’s the PERFECT gift for yourself or for any woman or girl in your life!


Vanity Dreams Crystal Clear Organizer

2012-06-24 22.42.552012-06-24 22.43.592012-06-24 22.43.062012-06-24 22.43.35

This is great for your home vanity, dresser, or bathroom counter. It is perfect for storing everything. It has 3 large spots in the very back, which is where I keep my liquid foundation and brushes.

Directly to the right are 4 squares perfect for storing primer, more brushes, mascara, eyeliner, and more. In front of that is a little space with a lift top space (which is where I store my bronzer and concealer).

In the middle are 6 smaller spots, which is where I store my lipsticks and lipgloss. So much space in such a small organizer. I love that everything is on display to where it can be seen. Easy access and the makeup has it’s own décor!

In the very front is where I store my powder foundation because it’s such a large open space. You could also fit eyeshadow or blush palettes inside. Then a little drawer opens up beneath the open space. I store my sponges and a concealer inside for touch ups!

I LOVE the clear look on this! It’s perfect for blending with any décor, no matter which style your home is done in. This is also perfect for taking to the office and sticking on your desk or a shelf beside your desk, so you always have everything you need to look perfect!



Shopping addicts welcome! With more 70 products, Caboodles prices range $5-$40. The company’s devotion to affordability and accessibility for all Caboodle lovers remains at the core of its brand.




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Jessica Renee


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