Wednesday, December 5, 2012

School of Business- Chicago, Illinois

I was in high school when my son was born. He wasn’t supposed to come until AFTER I had already graduated, but he was extremely premature. Premature babies are more at risk for sicknesses, colds, and infections then other children. SO, instead of going to a regular college, I decided to go to an online school.
I figured that it would help me get a college degree while being at home with him. He couldn’t be placed in a daycare, so it seemed like the right option for me at the time. I had almost completed my Associates degree in Business Management and Marketing when they booted me to the curb because I couldn’t complete my finals because I was in labor with my daughter.
When I tried to explain to them what had happened, they didn’t care AT all about WHY it wasn’t completed. They just cared about the fact that it wasn’t completed. AT that time, I wished on EVERYTHING that I would have waited on going to college until I was at a more stable time in my life.
If I had waited to go to college, I could have chosen to go to college in Chicago. I would have had a better chance of success, I would have had a better chance at actually getting the degree.
Now here I am with two kids, no degree, and almost $17,000 in student loans to pay off. I really wish I had waited so that I could have gotten that one-on-one help that I so desperately needed in the harder college math classes.
Online they just send you the textbooks and you learn how to do it yourself. I can’t and never could do that with math. When I came to them asking questions and needing help they told me that I would have to pay a tutor, and at that time I couldn’t afford it.
I just wish I would’ve had the experience of actually learning what I wanted to learn, instead of being stuck with a ton of classes that didn’t mean anything to me. That’s what I got- a bunch of random classes that had nothing to do with my degree. If I had waited and went to a campus school, I could be making the money I wanted to make to support my family.
Where did you go to college? Did you like it? What do you wish you could’ve changed?

Jessica Renee


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