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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Review: Dalton Cosmetics


Dalton Cosmetics


Mirage Face Blending Powder


This is the multitasker of the makeup world. Those imperfections that only you can see, are now gone. COMPLETELY from your mind and from your image in the mirror. Those red-spots that still shine through when you put on your foundation? GONE.


This not only sets your makeup for all day wear, but it perfects it as well. What more could you ask for? This is meant to give you perfect, flawless, airbrush looking skin.

I love that the color isn’t bronze or pasty looking. It was the right color for my face. It didn’t make me look I’d rolled in doritos or magically turned into a ghost. It magically removes any makeup mishaps, discoloration, and imperfections.


It is lightweight, and doesn’t cake up like some mineral makeups do.

It doesn’t have a white look to it, which makes it easier to get the airbrushed look that we all desire.

This also comes with a brush (which I didn’t get) but I did have a big foundation brush thanks to Sephora. So that’s what I used.

When using a mineral makeup or anything that is in a powder form I always gently tap some into the lid. Then I swirl the brush around the top (because the warmth of the swirling is what grabs the minerals). Then I apply it in a swirling circular motion, until I get the desired effect.

Winking smile

Refined and flawless, pores minimized, and all the redness gone! YEP, it’s a miracle in a jar.

BUY IT: You can buy the Mirage Face Blending Powder for $35.20


Conceal It Concealer


I’m not going to lie, I have MAJOR blackness under my eyes. It’s due from not sleeping enough and working too much. I am always trying to find a way to cover it up without looking like I’ve ADDED anything.

Some concealers are just TOO white for my skin and no matter how much I try and cover the whiteness up with my foundation, it will NEVER do what I want it too. That’s the reason I love this one so much,

It’s a concealer, but it’s more like a foundation/concealer than just a concealer. It’s just the right color for my skin. I don’t have to try and hide the whiteness because there isn’t any.


It has built in primer, so I never have to worry about the concealer magically disappearing to show my flaws. Built in primer, concealer, foundation and eyelid base makes this the most amazing piece of makeup I’ve used all year!

I love the handy container with an attached mirror. It makes it SO easy to travel with and put in my makeup bag in my purse. I can touch up at work, a night out with my friends, or a date with the hubby. It even comes with it’s own applicator (which I absolutely love).

I also really like that there isn’t a fragrance to this. I hate those weird smells that come from some foundations and concealers. There isn’t ANY smell when applying or after, which is a huge plus.

I have combination skin and this goes on absolutely flawless. It stays on almost all day too. It has Vitamin E and is oil-free, so if you have oily skin don’t fret about finding something to fit the oiliness.

I am VERY picky about my concealers, and this is at the very top of my list. I will definitely switch. I love the airtight container that it comes in, the concealer hasn’t dried out ONE time the whole time I’ve been using it. I would definitely give this an A+.

BUY IT: You can buy the Conceal It Concealer for $28.50


Airless Creme Eyeliner


I have always wanted to use a liquid liner (I had NEVER heard of creme liners until now), but the liquid just would NOT work for me. I’d end up smearing it, smudging it, and just all over messing it up. It was more of a hassle then not, so I just gave up completely and went back to the pencils.

Until now. I am SO in love with these creme liners. I NEVER use anything else since getting these in the mail. Head over heels infatuation is what it is. These are simply and absolutely AMAZING!

How do I use it: Dip the tip of the eyeliner brush into the eyeliner, being sure to coat both sides of the brush head. Apply liner in short, even strokes close to the lash line, from the inner to the outer eye corner.

Deep Black and Navy Shimmer

image imageWP_000857

From left to right:

Deep Black & Navy Shimmer









Emerald & Plum


Minix & Bella Bronze


They are richly textured, feels more like a mousse than a liner. I love the silky feeling I get when I apply this. They go on so well. I don’t have to fight with it, hoping for it to go on just right.

These are smudge proof and budge proof. No sweating them off. No hoping that you can still see it an hour later. These are absolute perfecting in an eyeliner.

This also has an airtight container so that the liner doesn’t dry out. I always get the creamy textured line every single time. I love each and every color that they sent me. I can mix it up and make every outfit look glamorous and sophisticated. Winking smile

BUY IT: You can buy 1 Airless Creme Eyeliner with an angled brush for $31.95 or a set of 3 with an angled brush for $45

Multi-angled Eyeliner Brush


This eyeliner brush is the best of the best. I’ve never had the experience of controlling an eyeliner brush before! This is amazing. You can use it straight, or anywhere between there and 150*.

Eyeliner has never been easier to apply without mistakes, smudges, or smears!

Airless Brow Fix with Brush


They sent me the Brow Gel in brunette with a brush to apply the gel with. They have 5 different colors in this brow gel, which is amazing! They have blonde, auburn, brunette, black, and grey.

WP_000862I love how I can thicken my eyebrows a bit. I had a bit of an eyebrow accident when I was younger. I was using one of those electric eyebrow shavers and didn’t VERY close attention and shaved off half my eyebrow. It grew back, but there are still some splotchy messes here and there where it looks like tiny bald spots. I was VERY glad that it was covered without looking unnatural.

I love the performance of the gel, not to mention that it actually HELPS your brows grow with continued use.

BUY IT: You can buy the Airless Brow Fix with Brush for $30.95


Volumizing Tilting Mascara


With a twist of the handle, the brush automatically tilts. This is amazing! Lashes are naturally curved, so creating a tilting mascara was very innovative of Dalton. It makes for very easy application!

I love that it’s flake free, smudge free, and lasts all day long. It makes my lashes look like they have more volume and length, which I like. My lashes are long, but not that thick. This gives me the volume I like without clumping up and creating a huge mess.

Now there is no need for a curler! It seems to be making my lashes healthier with just the few months or so that I’ve been using it. I love it!


BUY IT: You can buy the Volumizing Tilting Mascara for $22


The Shadow/Highlighter Brush


The little part of the brush is what I use to apply my eyeshadow. I love how the hairs are durable. They haven’t started matting up or falling out. It looks EXACTLY the same as it did when I got it, and that’s hard to do.


It’s exactly the right size to get my lid without having to re-dip the brush in the shadow a million and five times.

It never gives any problems and is very easy to clean!!

The fat part of the brush I use to apply shadow to the part under my eyebrow and above my lid. It’s big so I don’t have to use a ton of shadow.


I love that I can also use this for a blending brush. I can blend in those dark spots of shadow, so that they seem lighter. Smile


Buy It: You can buy the Shadow/Highlighter Brush for $15.40

Moisturizing Lip Trio


These lipsticks are SO different from other lipsticks because they are infused with marula oil, raspberry butter, and other beneficial vitamins to help smooth and soften lips.

I was sent shimmer beige, khaki, and Captive. They feel like chapstick when I apply them. They are SO moisturizing. It was nice to have a lipstick that not only had a long lasting stay but didn’t dry up within the hour.


There is no taste or fragrance to these, so they are just absolute perfection at it’s best! My favorite is the Captive. I’m really not a neutral lipstick gal! I love color and the captive is a beautiful berry color! The Shimmer Beige I like too, because it’s more like a lipgloss. The khaki makes my lips looks like I applied concealer to them, but if you like neutral lips- you’d like it!

Everything that was sent to me gets an A++. Easy to apply makeup, airtight containers, easy to use and easy to clean brushes. A woman couldn’t ask for more from her makeup company. They are absolutely brilliant and I will continue to buy stuff from them!!

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Jessica Renee


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