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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review: Bedford Slims Rechargeable Vapourette E-cigarette


I received A Bedford Slims Menthol Tobacco Vapourette electronic cigarette mini-kit to review. The kit came with the vapourette battery (cigarette), three flavor cartridges and a USB charger.


The mini-kit is super affordable at only $12.00. The mini-kit only comes with one battery (which is the cigarette) and one flavored cartridge.

The kit doesn't come charged up, so you have to charge before using it. It takes 2 hours (and hooks into a USB port of your computer). The light on the charger of the vapourette turns red when connected to the USB port to let you know that it is charging correctly.


It has 3 hours of continued use before the battery runs out. 3 hours is longer than you might think. You aren't going to sit and puff on the e-cig (or any cigarette) for 3 straight hours. So it's an overall of 3 hours and not straight.

Each cartridge screws onto the battery (which is the cigarette). The cartridge is the tip of the cigarette you put your mouth on, and each one contains 300 puffs. If this were a real cigarette, it would equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes.

If you add that up (no matter what kind of cigarettes you smoke) it pays for itself very quickly. Spending money on cigarettes can add up VERY quickly. If you're a smoker than you already know this.

The taxes on cigarettes are horrendous. The cigarettes I smoke are now $$4 dollars a pack, when just a couple years ago could be bought for 2.50.

I was watching T.V. the other day and noted that I would HATE to live in New York where cigarettes are 8 and 9 dollars a pack. It was a story about people traveling to other states to buy cigarette because they couldn't afford them in New York. Who could?

Even here in Kentucky it isn't that much better and Tobacco is grown and harvested here. The best way to avoid the high prices and nasty stares when you're in public is to go electronic these days.

The thing that I noticed first when opening the package was the design of the vapourette. It has a red/white/black plaid design which is very awesome.

The cartridges ingredients are water, nicotine, natural and artificial flavors and glycerin. There are both menthol and non-menthol vapourettes, so whatever flavor you prefer they have. The company offers three dosage strengths for their nicotine, full flavored is 24 mg, light is 12 mg and they also offer a 0 mg dosage!

The best thing about this is that you can use this in public (ANYWHERE) without the hassle of nasty looks from non-smokers. There is absolutely no smell or smoke, so there aren't any risks of second hand smoke at all.

It just has a scentless vapour that is inhaled and exhaled, and then immediately disappears. I used to hate having to carry air freshener with me in the car, I hated that stale smoke smell that comes with smoking. It lingered in the car, on clothes, and even hair. No stale smoke smell at all now, so I am one happy smoker.

Inside each of the Vapourettes contains a battery, a microprocessor and a cartridge. and flavour to give the satisfaction of smoking without the tar and and odor of a real cigarette. These three things is what heats up the nicotine When you inhale a puff of the vapourette the end of the cigarette lights up red and you can hear a distinct crackling sound.

Towards the end of the life of the flavour cartridge you will notice that it get’s harder to pull a drag off, you may also not be able to get anything at all. These are indicators that the flavour cartidge has been used up and it’s time to exchange it for a new one.

If you are just starting out with the Vapourette, you'll need to get the starter kit (which is only $34). If you don't get the starter kit, there isn't a way to charge the cigarette. The starter kit comes with the vaporette cartridge (cigarette), USB charger and 6 flavor cartridges.

BUY IT: You can buy a starter kit for $32  or a mini-kit for $13



Jessica Renee


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