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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Review: LilyBug Pretend Makeup


All little girls want to be just like mommy. I found that out a short while ago when I was getting some clothes out of the dryer and folded them. I had noticed that Adisyn was super quiet.. so I went to see what she was doing, and found an $80 mineral eye shadow stack dumped all over my bed.

There was nothing I could do about it. I sprayed it and sprayed it, but it seemed to just smear even deeper into the mattress. Now there is a mixture of purple/pink/gold blob on it and it won’t come out. No matter how long it’s been (2 months now) I still wake up with glitter on me because of the makeup.

It is funny now, but wasn’t so funny at the time. It was a huge mess.. not to mention $8- worth of eyeshadow down the drain. OUCH! You have no idea how thrilled I was to find LilyBug Pretend Makeup. This makeup looks “real” but isn’t.

It is 100% pretend, so it’s mess free. No worries, no messes, and a happy little girl who thinks she looks absolutely beautiful putting her “makeup” on. She was asleep when the mailman brought it. She woke up and I showed it to her. She said “Oh mommy, it is SO beautiful” and began playing with it.


I’m pretty sure it occupied at least an hour and a half right then and there. She was SO captivated by the thought of having her “OWN” makeup. I thought it was cute that it came with everything a “mommy” would carry in her makeup bag.


It came with: A foundation palette, brushes, a lipstick, a blush, mascara and 2 eyeshadow palettes. One of the eyeshadow palettes is a shimmer while the other isn’t.

It is absolutely brilliant. Her daddy didn’t know that she had gotten this—he was at work when the mail ran. Later that night I went to bed a bit early because I hadn’t slept well the night before. The next day he told me that he had taken away some makeup that she had gotten into. He said “she kept saying that it was hers and started crying.” I said “Adam that’s because it IS hers, it’s completely fake—TOY makeup.” He returned with “THAT did NOT look like a toy”… fooled the daddy Open-mouthed smile Hehe

The maker of Lilybug pretend makeup had the same thing happen to her (which is how lilybug makeup happened). Her little girl got into her makeup and spilled it everywhere as well. I had so much fun talking to her, swapping the horrendous tales of stained carpet and bedding..

I love that they sell different packs on the website. SO no matter what budget you may be following, there is still room for a little surprise for your baby girl. There is really nothing like the look on their face when they see it. She had absolutely no idea that it was a toy.. and we had so much fun together. She gave both myself and her aunt (my sister) a makeover.. she was so thrilled.

We had toy makeup when I was little, but it was NOTHING like this. The makeup I got way back in the day looked and felt fake and it only came with a plastic lipstick. This is something that you’d have to look twice at to figure out it was fake.

If you know a curious little girl who would love to look and feel beautiful with her “makeup” you should definitely check out Lilybug pretend Makeup.

Buy It: There are packs as low as ……. but you can buy the 6 piece necessity  makeup set for $20

Make your little princess very happy with this addition to her most loved possessions! This listing is for: 1 Lipstick (Pink Taffeta) Rolls up and down just like real lipstick! 2-4 Shade eyeshadows (1 flat multi-color and 1 sparkly multi-color) 1 Blush with mini blush brush 1 Pressed powder compact w/ sponge (your choice of skin tone color) 1 5pc makeup brush set w/ carrying bag **BONUS** 1 Sheer pink carrying bag Temporarily the Pink Taffeta shade will be in the tube shown in the last picture. Please only purchase for little ones past the oral stage. Brush applicators could be considered a choking hazard. Pressed powder compact has a real mirror in it. Lipstick is made with a firm non-toxic plastic like material and is painted with 100% non-toxic and lead free paint.



Jessica Renee



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