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Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: Rock N Learn PreSchool Ready for School DVD

Rock N Learn has the most amazing educational DVDs. You may have seen my Rock n Learn Sight Words Review a couple of months ago. We have tons of fun with these DVDs. It helps my son and then I save the DVDs and work on them with my daughter who is 2 years younger than my son.

I am loving that these DVD’s catch the attention of the kids. They aren’t just boring and bland DVD’s that sit on our shelf and are never watched. We still watch the Sight words, and the kids were excited to add another to collection.


The length of the DVD’s fit a young child’s attention span perfectly. They are about 30 minutes long and have colorful eye-catching characters. There is a boy AND a girl character, so no matter what gender your child is- they are sure to relate to them.


In this DVD, it teaches kids how to be ready for school. Although Aidan knows his colors and shapes, he doesn’t know how to tie his shoes or make his own bed.

Adisyn is only 3, so she and I watch this together when Aidan is in school. She doesn’t yet know her shapes, so this is something that we’ve been working on. She only knows her circles and triangles at this point, so I was glad to get some interactive help from Rock N Learn.


It also teaches numbers and how to get dressed all by yourself. Aidan knows how to dress himself, he just has some issues here and there about putting his shoes on the wrong feet. He knows his letters up to 10, but he gets confused after that.


We’ve been working on ABC’s and with the help of this DVD (and extra help at school) he has finally mastered it (although P still confuses him). I love that the DVD takes it slow so that he has a chance to get used to each letter before it goes on to the next one.

The problem we were having with other learning DVD’s is that they would speed through the numbers and letters, which flustered him and didn’t help him at all. I loved that they showed the letters as magnetized refrigerator letters.


We have had some silly learning fun with this DVD. They make it more engaging and encouraging because they not only TELL- they show and singsong it. Which- it what really helps kids.

Adisyn is still in her mocking stage- so she was singing these cute little songs long after the DVD was over. I am extremely glad to have gotten the chance to let my kids’ enjoy and be entertained by Rock N Learn.

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For a Limited Time you can get the Rock N Learn PreSchool DVDs at Sam’s Club at a special price of only $7.98 each (Retail $14.99).



Jessica Renee



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