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Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: TrueKare Water Wear Push up Pads & Breast Enhancers

If you’re like me and have a problem with little to almost no cleavage, then you are going to fall in love with the two products I am about to tell you about. TrueKare sent me their Waterwear Push-up Pads and their Enhancer.

The Waterwear Push-Up Pads


The Waterwear Push Up Pads that I were sent came in Nude, but they also have black. These are filled with a mixture of water and natural oil that gave me the most comfortable breast enhancement. They felt so real that I forgot they were there.

What you do is slip them in the pocket of your favorite push-up bra which is what I did. You can also fit these in the sides of your breasts so that they push your breasts together to give you that “closeness” that so many of us desire.

It feels amazing to feel like a curvy woman. I’ve always wanted those natural curves, but since I am naturally 5’3 and 115 pounds- that isn’t something that I can manage by myself, so I was glad to have the help.

These come in 2 different sizes, so no matter what size you are, you’ll have an amazing fit. They have A/B and B/C. So if you’re an A or a smaller B you can choose the A/B selection- or if you’re a larger B or C, you can choose the B/C selection.

It’s hard to go out with a low-cut shirt on without the Push-up pads. I feel so “naked” and breastless. I can’t help it, I’ve always been self-conscious about having smaller boobs. There’s a big gaping hole everytime I wear a bathing suit—so it does bother me.

I KNOW for a fact that these will fit inside the pocket of my bathing suit as well. Since they feel real and have oil and water inside instead of feeling like foam, I can definitely wear these at the pool or beach without feeling insecure.

These are completely washable as well. You hand wash them in cold water and then air dry them.. wa-lah they’re clean!

BUY IT: You can buy the Waterwear Push-up Pad for $13.99

The Enhancers


These are my absolute favorite. These are easy to clean, easy to wear, and gives the confidence of a full bust without life changing surgery. Strapless dresses, low-cut shirts, and bathing suits were never my friends before getting the Enhancers.

They always seem to mock me.. Not having enough cleavage to fill in the gaps was frustrating and made me less of a woman. People who see me still think I’m like 17 because of my body type.

I’m thinking “For heaven’s sake, I have a 5 year old son—I am NOT 17”. When I wear strapless shirts, I spend more time hiking them back up and readjusting then anything, so I usually avoided wearing them altogether.

Now that I have the Enhancers, It makes it so much easier to wear things that I avoided before. Now I can wear low cut shirts and strapless shirts without feel like I’m lacking in the bust department. This really helps in the confidence department.

The best part is that neither one of these products are expensive, and you can take them out at night. There isn’t a risk of a life-changing surgery that costs thousands of dollars.

I love how real they look AND feel. They even have the added nipple- so that if you wear a thin shirt or tank top there isn’t the old :missing nipple: problem that I’ve seen other enhancers have.

BUY IT: You can buy the Enhancer set for $23.99



Jessica Renee



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