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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Book Review: Sew Serendipity Sewing Workbook; D&C Publishing



Sew Serendipity Sewing Workbook makes a handy companion for trips to the fabric store, and is a convenient source of easy-to-follow sewing advice.

This workbook offers resources and ideas you'll love:

*8 quick, seasonal projects that you try out techniques and create fun accessories.

*Notions and fabric charts, project planning calendars, worksheets, checklists and more.

*Sewing tips and tricks from Kay Whitt, author of Sew Serendipity and Sew Serendipity Bags

*Note-taking space to keep track of projects, techniques, and inspiration



This book is set up as a question/answer book as well as a journal. Not only does it answer questions that most seamstresses (sewing hobbyists) want to know about (ex. Sewing in a zipper) but it gives you room to get a feel for what you would like to sew, purchase for your sewing projects, and goals you would like to set for yourself.


I have been sewing (really sewing) for about 3 years now. When I first began my journey down the oh-so-frightening (so I thought) sewing path, I had a ton of questions. The problem with my questions was I didn't have anybody to answer them. SO because it's the 21st century, I googled them. YES- I got about 1,000 different answers and techniques to the questions I asked, which only confused me even more.

I so wish I had had this book. When you are starting out, not only do you have questions but you definitely need to get a feel for what YOU like to sew. It's not going to be any fun if you are scared of certain techniques or have to skip over a certain project you want to tackle so badly because you don't know how to do something.


This book starts out with the Spring. They ask what goals you'd like to set for yourself for the Spring, what you would like to purchase for your projects, and Gifts you would like to sew for the season. This is in the notebook type, so it gives you room to write in what you actually want. I don't write in my books, so I photocopied each page like this and stuck them together. I put them in a book labeled what year (Spring 2013?) so that I could add more as time went on!

The sewing advice in this book is what tackles the everlasting questions of the beginner. The first advice is on the always dreaded zipper. I've broken MANY sewing needles trying to figure this out by myself back in 2009. Really the only thing freaking me out was myself, once I got the hang of sewing in zippers it was a breeze! This book has amazing illustrations to go with the step-by-step instructions so that you can see what you're doing while doing it.. Makes it 10x easier!

Fusibles? No sew or sew? Have you had questions pertaining as to what is right to use when? This book tells all about everything you need to know about Machine applique and the fusibles that go along with it. You don't want to use NO-sew fusible web when appliqueing! You'll mess up your machine because the stickiness of the fusible web will go through your machine via your machine!

Then it's time to tackle a project. The first project is a wristlet with cute bird applique. This is so you can practice with the zipper and applique (that was in the question section).. Again there are amazing illustrations to go with the step-by-step instructions to guide you in the right direction as you go along with your project.

Then after finishing the project there is a space for "reflection." This is about what you liked best about the project, what you would do differently next time, and what new skill you learned and what other projects you could use it on! This is a "notebook" section of course. I really like that they included this! This gives time to reflect on what types of techniques you learned and what you would like to create with them in the future! Brilliant! Keeps it fun!

I love that the book tackles stabilizers. When I was a beginner that was something else that had me puzzled. I didn't understand the difference of one stabilizer from another and ended up more confused then helped when I searched what I was looking for. This book breaks down the names of the stabilizer, the width, whether it's fusible or not, and the uses for that particular stabilizer (ex. Pellon 911FF is a versatile stabilizer and is perfect for linings of a bag, interlining of handles, facings on skirts and dresses.) Makes it a ton easier to decipher what you need and how much you should buy (if it's versatile you should buy more because more projects can be used with it).

The book tackles quilting your own fabric (mostly for bags and wallets), polar fleece, and laminated fabric. This makes it easier to know what you're getting into before you start to tackle a project. I love the way the book is written-- it's like you've got a best friend (who knows all there is to know about sewing) sitting there guiding you on your way!!


Sew Serendipity Sewing Workbook: Tips, Tricks and Projects for Those Who Love Sewing

$15.60 & FREE Shipping on orders over $25.


Jessica Renee


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