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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Review: ThredUP Kid Clothing



We all know how fast kids can grow out of clothes. When my kids were little my grandma (on my mom's side) would go out of her way to buy the cutest outfits even if they cost a ton of money. I kept telling her that she didn't have to go to Boutiques to buy their clothes (even if Adisyn DID look SO adorable in the handmade clothes) but they cost $45+ for ONE outfit.


I on the other hand have a limited income. I can't and couldn't afford to spend that much on one outfit when they grow like weeds and the clothes wouldn't fit a month later. The trick to buying kids clothes that are durable, comfortable, and will last them awhile is to bargain hunt and buy 1 size up if you can.

I was excited to get to work with thredUP for a review. This is a website where you can sell and buy gently used clothing from other people. This is like going to a thrift store and buying clothes (There are many name brand clothing on the website for next to nothing.)

I had tons of fun looking through the website. I drifted to baby/toddler sections even though my kids aren't that small anymore (aren't those clothes just SO adorable?) Aidan is more in need of clothing than Adisyn is, so I started looking through the 5-6 boy clothing. It helps that Adisyn has a girl cousin just a couple years older than her, so she gets the hand-me-down's that still look amazing.

Aidan isn't that lucky. All the boys in the family are more than 4 years older than he is. He had a really big growth spurt this year, where his pants become extremely short (JUST after we went and bought school clothes for him)..

What I decided to get from the website was a thin grey zip up hoodie jacket from Hurley, and 3 pairs of shorts. They were cheap and he can wear them when spring rolls around this year. They were all extremely adorable and very affordable.

I loved that I could go to exactly what I was looking for. There wasn’t any searching and searching and not finding what I wanted. You can search by type of clothing (jeans, tees, button ups, shoes) and then narrow it down by size. I love this! I wasn’t looking through sizes that didn’t apply to my son!!

On the plus side, if you have any clothing that are in great shape that your kid's have outgrown you can set it up to sell those on the website as well. If you are low on money, you could always sell the too small clothing first, and then use that money to buy more. WIN-WIN situation! ;)

Here is a step-by-step outline straight from thredUP on how all this works:

PICK – Browse boxes listed in the thredUP community and select one you’d like to receive. Hopefully, by now, you have your friends on thredUP so you can just pick their boxes. If you’re busy, tell us your clothing preferences and the experts at thredUP can choose a box for you.

PAY – Once you’ve picked your box, all you pay is $5 plus shipping ($10.70) to have it delivered.

PREPARE – As part of this process, you are required (this is a swap after all!) to list a box of clothes that your child no longer wears. We’ll ask for basic details such as types of clothing, number of items, colors, brands, season and sizes. Don’t worry, the USPS will mail you empty boxes for your gently used clothes.

SEND – When someone picks your box, thredUP will alert you and ask you to send this box. It is free to send boxes on thredUP because the recipient pays the shipping. You’ll be able to print the shipping label and schedule the pickup all in one click. Would you rather drop it off at the Post Office? No problem! Just cancel the pickup and leave a note for your postal carrier. As soon as your box is tracked by the USPS, you will see your box status has been changed to “shipped” in your thredUP closet.

Check out ThreadUP!

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