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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Craft Fairs in Italy – Travel While Enjoying the Arts

Italy art


If you love to craft and enjoy the arts wherever you live in the world, have you ever considered bringing your love of the arts to another country? It’s wonderful to experience arts and crafts all around the world, and also bring your artistic talents wherever you may go. Italy offers many art festivals all year round, allowing you to bring your artistic flare with you to a new country that flourishes.

When you arrive in Italy to attend your much to look forward to art festivals and expos, you’ll need a place to stay! Make enough time to tour all around Italy and after attending one more expos, perhaps you’ll want to stay in Tuscany for a while to practice your new art skills. Tuscany villa rentals are very affordable this time of year and what’s more, these homey villas are also are surrounded by nature. This beautiful escape in Tuscany is a beautiful place where you will constantly be inspired and you will also have no difficulty applying the new skills that you will learn at art expos.

Frame Arts Expo – March 22 - 24, 2013

Visit Milan, Italy and enjoy a show called The European Fire Arts and Frame Arts Expo. Learn about the European habitants and how the fine arts and frame arts came to be. Also learn a new skill or enhance your current talents!

Arte Pordenone – April 6 – 8, 2013

Taking place in Pordenone, Italy, the Arte Pordonone is the first exhibition that is dedicated to contemporary and modern art. If you enjoy the link between central European regions and the new Italian Eastern European arts or desire to learn more about this type of art, go to this event to enhance your art skill set. You also can just go there to enjoy the art that’s displayed.

Art Firenze – April 20 – 28, 3013

If you wish to attend a fun filled art affair with lots of cultural exchange, attend the Art Firenze in Florence. Artisans from all around the globe gather together with their handcrafted items, giftware, accessories, and more. Browse all of the arts and crafts and be inspired by talented artisans from all around the world!

Since these events take place this spring time you may not have time to travel to Italy right away. However, keep these cultural art shows in mind for the future and travel to Italy with your family. You’ll look forward to learning all about Italy’s art, history, and the artisans that inhabit the region.

Sierra is a freelance writer who loves arts and hopes to learn more about them one day in Italy. She blogs at her blog Ocean Dreams.


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