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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why Moms Should Make Time to Go Back to School (And Succeed!)

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Can full time mothers and wives going back to school to get their master’s degree? Yes, it is feasible. Even though this concept seems almost impossible, it’s important to understand that this can take place with a lot of dedication, endurance and understanding from your family. Ever since the 1980s, there has been an increase in women enrolling in school. In fact, higher-education institutions enrollment has nearly doubled and more than 60 percent of online students are women. In addition, the majority of women who takes classes online are over the age of 25, according to the American Association of University Women. With these statistics in mind, perhaps you’ll feel ready to take classes from Benedictine HYPERLINK "http://www.onlinedegrees-benedictine.com/"UHYPERLINK "http://www.onlinedegrees-benedictine.com/"niversity online, for example. Here’s why you should make time to go back to school and how it will pay off.
Receive Greater Pay and Career Advancement
If you currently feel underemployed or are stuck in a job that is below your skill set, going back to school will help you get a dream job that will help you meet your goals. What’s more, if you have family and financial obligations, enhancing your current degree will allow you to fulfill your responsibilities as a wife and mother. Your children will later have money for a great education and perhaps you will also have extra spending money for yourself and your husband as you age. Don’t feel discouraged that enhancing your degree will take time because the time invested will be worth it.
Personal Enrichment
Besides fulfilling responsibilities or getting a better job, many women go back to school for personal enjoyment. The act of learning about a topic you enjoy, improving your current skill set, and having time away from a busy household is both enriching and refreshing. As a wife and mother this is certainly something you deserve.
Attaining a Degree is More Flexible
Schools have thankfully made taking classes and attaining advanced degrees either online or at a university more accessible, allowing mothers to go back to school when their schedule allows it. Get an AcceleraHYPERLINK "http://www.onlinedegrees-benedictine.com/mba/accelerated-mba-degree-online.asp"tHYPERLINK "http://www.onlinedegrees-benedictine.com/mba/accelerated-mba-degree-online.asp"ed MBA online quickly and fulfill your career goals a lot faster. It’s really up to you to create a school schedule that will work well for both you and your family. Don’t feel guilty for desiring to improve your skill set and get a better job — reap all kinds of rewards and your family will benefit as well!
About the Author: Corinne is a hard working mother who desires to improve her career. She plans on going back to school and improving her current degree.

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