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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Review: Erba Organics



Erba Organics is an organic body care company that focuses on safe, eco-conscious products for moms and their children. I am always thrilled to find organic products that also give back. Erba donates a full 15% f their gross sales from their Baby Body Oil and Baby Body Wash to the WWO, which stands for Worldwide Orphans Foundation.

Pregnancy is a magical beautiful time in every soon to be momma’s life. We are developing and growing a beautiful heaven sent baby—and Erba Organics just so much more EASY. They have designed organic products for itchy skin, swollen feet, stretch mark prevention, and more. Pamper yourself with luxurious  oils,creams,  and bath mixes made from the finest organic ingredients available.


I was sent some items to sample from their very amazing line. The first one I want to tell you about is the Mommy-to-be Organic Milk & Oat Bath. We all know that when the body is growing to support the baby it can become quite itchy.

When I was pregnant with my son and daughter, I tried everything to make the itchiness go away and nothing ever worked. Although I’m pretty sure the lotion market was in high demand during both these pregnancies. I couldn’t stop rubbing it everywhere because I itched like crazy.

With this amazing Milk and Oat Bath is a natural remedy for those itchy days (or ahem! MONTHS).! When I opened the package, I found inside a soft, fine brown looking powder with random chunks of sea salt in there. You can’t really smell the contents until they’ve been mixed with the bath.

When I added them to my bath- I thought it smelled like very sweet oatmeal or oatmeal cookies. There was also a small hint of lavender that was very relaxing.

You don’t even have to be pregnant to enjoy the amazingness of this bath mix. It’s not only great for itchiness- but tired muscles as well. So, if your sweaty and itchy from hitting the gym, tired from working all day, or just want some relaxing spa time at home (THAT is BENEFICIAL as well) this is what you should be looking for.

I love sprinkling this into a very hot bath and just sinking in for a moment. As a mom with two small children—I desperately need some me time every now and then. AND because I have Keratosis Pilaris (aka chicken skin) and it is REALLY itchy at times—this has helped to calm the itchiness and the irritation (redness) that comes with it. SO this mama was a very happy camper.


The second item that I was sent was the Erbaorganics Mommy-to-be stretch mark cream. Every pregnant woman knows the risk of a growing belly bump—and that’s stretch marks. Some women get them, other’s don’t. It has to do with the elasticity in the skin I guess. I was very small when I got pregnant with both my kids and only have stretch marks on my breasts and butt. NONE whatsoever on the belly. Other’s get them at random.

BUT what if you could help your stretching belly and reduce the amount of stretch marks? Wouldn’t that be a blessing? I know that there are other products out there to help with this but I’ve NEVER seen an organic line. This is safe for baby and mommy while baby is growing. You don’t have to worry about chemicals or anything harmful. Just creamy, soothing help for those worries about stretch marks.

Just rub it on breasts, belly, butt, and legs.. anywhere you think may be stretching just a tad bit too much. Even if you aren’t thinking you may get stretch marks—it makes for an AMAZING lotion!! Oh—so thick and creamy.


The third product that I was sent was the Cheeky Balm. The cheeky balm is an organic balm that helps chapped hands, lips, cheeks, and can even be used as a diaper rash balm.

This can be used for the baby, toddler, kid, or even mommy! It comes in a lipstick type tube (but wider) so that it is easier to apply. It creates absolutely no mess at all.. Just crank up the little dial on the bottom for more.. and then re-track it for less when you’re done.

It works absolutely brilliantly. I use this on more than just chapped hands. Where I get dry skin on my thighs because of the Keratosis Pilaris—I rub some of this on my thighs and the back of my arms when I get out of the shower..

I love how amazing it smells. Like a mixture of lavender and chamomile or something.. Good but not overwhelming. We all know when pregnancy is here, it can create our senses to double and smells can be overpowering and this isn’t!

Flu and cold season is here which means tons and tons of sanitizer. Sanitizer can be extremely drying to the skin, so I throw this cheeky balm in my purse with it. It really helps with the dryness.

It snaps onto the lid pretty tightly—so I don’t have to worry about it shaking loose in my purse!! I love this! So convenient and smells amazing to boot!

The last and final item I want to tell you about is the Erba Organics Mommy-to-be Massage Oil. We all know that pregnancy makes our muscles achy and tired. We are carrying that EXTRA weight around all day and it can be pretty tiring at the end of the day, especially at the end when we feel like a whale.

This massage oil is so slick and feel so amazing on the skin. I love feeling relaxed, especially when I was pregnant. It’s not everyday of the year that we get to make our husbands do whatever we ask (hee, hee).. so an extra massage here and there isn’t going to kill them.

It smells so amazing that HE will even come out relaxed and calm. The lavender in it will make sure of that! Feeling comfortable is something that you’d say about the third trimester of pregnancy. Bloated, can’t see our toes, and wearing slip on shoes (for a reason)..

You better get in all the relaxation, comfort, and sleep that you can before the newborn is here and cries for a bottle every 3-4 hours. Can you say exhaustion.. pretty soon you might not be able to spell it. All you’ll want to do is catch up on the sleep you missed.. Well pregnancy is just THAT time.. Bring out the massage oils, body creams, thick lotions, and bath mixes NOW.

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Jessica Renee



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