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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beauty Review: Acure Organics Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion-Unscented (Cocoa Butter & CoQ10)


Acure Organics has such a wide range of products that are all very healthy for the skin as well as natural & organic. The Hydrating Body Lotion with Morrocan Oil is no different.


The lotion is very hydrating and moisturizing, but not heavy. It’s more hydrating then the other Acure lotions I’ve tried, but it isn’t my favorite because it’s unscented. This would be perfect for someone with sensitive skin or are sensitive to fragrances (which I know people who are).


This is great for after-tanning use. When I get out of the tanning bed, my feet are REALLY dry, so I bring this with me and add a drop to each foot before putting my shoes back on. I also love to use this for all over body hydration (hydrated skin tans and stays tan longer). Tanning lotion usually smells like burnt cinnamon or something—(depending on the lotion). So I use this to keep from adding to the smell.

I have been messing around with adding a few drops of essential oils to the lotion each time I apply it. It’s amazing to create your own unique “fragrance”. PLUS- since it IS unscented, it’s a PLUS for spring and summertime. Bugs are attracted to fragrance (mosquitos, ants, bees..), so this wouldn’t alert you to the bug radar.

I love that it just seems to “melt” right into my skin without a hitch though. There isn’t any “settling” time. It just sinks right in and we’re ready to go. I love that it doesn’t leave a “greasy” film like some moisturizing lotions do. I have to end up wiping my hands on a hand-towel after using THOSE. This is nothing like that. It works without being greasy!

I particularly love that Acure never puts alcohol in their body lotions. Alcohol can actually dry the skin out even more—so this is nothing but pure HYDRATION!  It’s amazing how creamy, thick, and buttery this is!

I feel like since I’ve been using this my skin has been more hydrated, nourished, and feels smoother. It’s a rather large bottle for $10, plus they donate $1 to each purchase to Bright Pink- for breast cancer research and education.

Buy It: You can buy the Acure Organics Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion for $9.99

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Jessica Renee


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