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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beauty Review: Nexxus Youth Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner


Having beautiful, youthful, healthy looking hair isn’t a thing from the past. It can ACTUALLY happen.

Nexxus products are always top of the line, high quality, great smelling, and fast working- and the Youth Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner are no exception.

I am love with the sleek look of the design of the bottles! They just look so modern and pretty in my shower.. Winking smile 

The Shampoo is very thick, rich, and creamy. It produces such a rich lather that it feels like I’m washing my hair with liquid silk. As soon as it touched my hair, I could feel a difference (EVEN STILL IN THE SHOWER)!

It smells amazing- it reminds me of a mixture of candy and sweet smelling flowers. YUM. AND the scent stays in my hair all day. I love the results I got with just ONE wash much less two, three, and four.

Within the first wash you can see less frizz, more manageability, softness, shine, and OOOOOOOhhh the hair feels so silky.

My hair is squeaky clean with just one wash of this shampoo. I have long oily-prone hair that needs washing on a daily basis. Even though the cost isn’t cheap, it’s well worth it. I’m actually using half the amount each time that I would normally use with a regular shampoo (even organic shampoos). The lather works up well, so you don’t need much to reach from root to tip!

My hair has fallen in lust I think. My hair has less frizz, which can get out of hand at times if I don’t use a frizz reduction serum and blow dry it. With this, I can let it air dry and the frizz never shows up! I can straighten it later after it’s completely dry so that it isn’t getting so much “HEAT” damage!

My hair seems to be plumped up and have extreme volume with the mixture of the shampoo and conditioner. Although my hair is long, it isn’t usually on the “thick” and “has volume” radar. I love the look of my hair after using these, especially when I DO blow dry it. I can see all my layers which isn’t something that happens quite often having a finer hair—they kind of blend in together! AND the volume lasts all day without being weighed down!!

The conditioner just adds to the brilliancy that comes from the shampoo. I can use this conditioner on a daily basis without any issues, oiliness, or feeling like it’s starting to drag at the end of the day. (Which happens for me when a conditioner is too oily.)

The Nexxus Youth Renewal Conditioner hits it right on the nose. My hair is definitely more manageable, untangles easily in the shower, and smells amazing all day.

The conditioner is very creamy and a quarter size amount gets my entire head from root to tip without a problem. I’d been noticing that my head was starting to itch before using these products. It was a combination of dry scalp and being burnt in the tanning bed. I can wash and condition with these on a daily basis and no more itching! It effectively nourishes my scalp without it drying and flaking!!

Buy IT! $14.99 for each the Nexxus Youth Renewal Shampoo and  Nexxus Youth Renewal Conditioner. Click here to find a store near you!

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