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Monday, April 22, 2013

Beauty Review: Ooh La La at the Mansion Indoor Tanning Lotion by Playboy <Performance Brands>


Level 3 Advanced Indoor Tanning Lotion-Extreme Hot Tingle Bronzer with Hi Def Color!

Your sultry hot, seductive bronze is an expression of surprise to all those in your presence. Sizzling hot, yet refined persona allows you to saunter through the crowd with ease. Everyone stares in awe while you mingle with the crowd as only you know the power of your presence. You’re hot in more ways than one.

Your fiery attraction is unstoppable- The Mansion awaits you!

AccelaBronze* Tanning and Skincare Breakthrough!

    • Purified Advanced Tanning Accelerators for your darkest tan.
    • 25x Black Bronze for Instant bronzing gratification
    • DHA clear bronzers adds an extra level of bronze for a deeper tan.
    • Extra Hot Tingle Action Improves and stimulates a darker bronze color.
    • Advanced Silicone Emulsion provides silky smoothness while prolonging the life of your tan.
    • Exotic Neem & Evening Primrose oil provides luscious moisture.
    • Vitamins A, C, & E aids in the protection of your skin.
    • Cranberry, Pomegranate, and Grape Seed extracts helps restore skins youthfulness.

For Experienced Tanners Only: High Heat and Redding will Occur.

My Review:


I was super excited to get Ooh La La at the Mansion in the mail. When it came, I couldn’t get over how pretty the packaging was. It comes in a dark pink bottle, with a picture of lace twisted around the top of the bottle. EVEN the top of the bottle is designed- It looks like a Diamond encased in gold—how pretty!

I’ve been using this tanning lotion for more than two weeks now, and I am in LOVE with everything about this lotion. I already had a base tan before using this, so I do consider myself an advanced tanner.

The first time I opened this bottle, I fell in love immediately. Usually tanning lotions smell good BEFORE you use them, but after they seem to smell like burnt cinnamon or burnt skin. This doesn’t! This stays fresh and smelling amazing even after tanning.

I love that it stays smelling fresh and fruity, because usually I have to cover the smell of the tanning lotion (after tanning) with my after-tan moisturizer. This one I can just put the moisturizer on my feet, throw my clothes and shoes on, and go!


I don’t even need to put after-tan moisturizer ON when I use this tanning lotion. It is infused with Exotic Neem and Evening Primrose Oil to give the most luscious moisturized skin EVER after tanning.

Usually my skin starts to dry out before I even get out of the tanning bed. SO I put lotion on then. Then later in the day, my skin will become dry (and look ashy) again, so I’ll put the lotion on again. And then after I take my shower for the night, I’ll put it on again. I was going through after-tan lotion pretty quickly at that rate.


This lotion is infused with Vitamins A, C, and E which are natural skin moisturizers, healers, and smoothers. It is also infused with pomegranate, Cranberry, and Grape Seed to help your skin keep it’s youthful glow!

If you see in the picture above that the color of the lotion is brown, this is because it has INSTANT bronzers in it. I could tell from the very first tanning session that this is an amazing bronzer. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were at the house visiting Adam one day when I left for the tanning bed. After I got back he said “You’ve already darkened a shade.”


He wasn’t lying either. I HAD darkened a shade. Each time I go and use this lotion I get a shade darker. The best part is the tan looks absolutely NATURAL. This lotion has absolutely NO orangey color to it, and it doesn’t streak. I do wipe my fingers and palms on a towel before tanning because they WILL be brown when you get out if you don’t wipe.

Even my shins and feet are all the way bronzed without the streaking. Usually my shins don’t tan as well as the rest of my body—but because there are instant bronzers PLUS clear bronzers, it immediately bronzes and then continues to bronze overtime. The way my skin feels so nourished, moisturized, and absolutely beautifully bronzed after tanning- I FELL in LOVE and still love using this on a daily basis.

I have the type of skin that doesn’t peel or burn at all, so I CRAVE the tingle lotions. I love the heat off of it. My skin craves the burn. This doesn’t mean that my skin BURNS per say, but a tingle lotion helps the tanning process by bringing the blood closer to the skin for a deeper, darker tan.

I really love tingles mixed with bronzers because you get EXTRA dark very quickly. This is top of the line bronzer because it has a Purified Advanced Tanning Accelerator, 25X Black Bronzers (which bronze instantly), but it also has DHA Clear Bronzers which also help to further develop your tan (for the longer run)!

You can see all about Ooh La La at the Mansion and watch a video about it!

Buy IT: You can buy the Ooh La La at the Mansion by Playboy at your local salon.

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Jessica Renee


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