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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Book Review: Tape It & Make It- 101 Duct Tape Activities by Richela Fabian Morgan; Barron’s Publishing


Always a useful item in every household toolbox, duct tape has now taken on a second life as a medium for hobbyists of all ages. This fun-filled book presents dozens of creative ideas and easy-to-follow instructions for using versatile duct tape to make everything from coin purses to neckties, from elegant artificial flowers and highly original Halloween costumes to a duct tape yoga mat!


Discover how to fashion more than 100 different items from duct tape, including;

  • Wallets and purses
  • artificial flowers
  • accessories
  • aprons, superhero capes, and more.


History of Duct Tape: From the INTRO of Tape it & Make it- 101 Duct Tape Activities

Duct tape has been around since the 1940s, when it was originally developed as an adhesive for ammunition cases in World War II. Because of it’s water resistant qualities, the military also used it for quick fixes on jeeps and firearms. It eventually found it’s way into hardware stores, where plumbers and builders gave it it’s current name.

Nowadays, duct tape is ubiquitous. Besides a hardware store, you can find a roll of the good stuff in the office supply shop, an arts’ and crafts store, a grocery store, even a pharmacy- all places that one would certainly not associate with malfunctioning ducts. So why are these places stocking up on duct tape?

The answer is that duct tape is the new black- and not just in the fashion sense. You can make just about anything with it, from accessories to home decoration.

My Review

I had seen the duct tape wallets and certain accessories on random blogs. I thought they looked pretty cool, but I wasn’t for certain that playing with duct tape was my thing. For one, it’s messy—it’s very sticky and very unforgiving.

For instance, if I miss a stitch in crochet- all I have to do is untangle the other stitches and make sure I include it this time. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money on duct tape so I could get it twisted and tangled up everywhere.

BUT- this book shows exactly how to work with duct tape to prevent it from sticking everywhere, all over everything. It shows (with pictures) how to square the duct tape up so that you create a “fabric” with it—so it’s easier to maintain.

After reading through the book, I wasn’t so hesitant that I could screw this up BIG TIME, I now know how to prevent the bubbles and make the different “fabrics”

There’s the one sided, double-sided, and woven. It’s pretty simple after the first couple of times. Just make sure your working on a flat wood surface so there isn’t any room for the duct tape to slide.

The reason I was drawn into “crafting” anyway was all the different colors, and I love creating something out of nothing. When I had a chance to flip though the book, I was amazed at how MANY things could be made with just duct tape.


I thought maybe wallets and some other little things, but Richela (the author) is a duct tape GENIUS if I must say so myself. There are headbands with duct tape feathers, bracelets, fingerless gloves, aprons, hats, and vests. That’s just in the first chapter.


The second chapter is Housewares which includes coin holders, decorative wall hanging letters, picture frames, table runners, a plastic bag dispenser, vase, placemat and more.

I love that in the second chapter she devotes two entire pages to just showing us how to “paint” with duct tape. Which is like silhouettes.. you cut out the “design” such as a tree or a bird (or whatever you choose) and place it on whatever your making.

This spices things up a bit. You can create whatever you want with just this design tip. Out of the hundreds of items that can be made from duct tape JUST in this book, you can add your own flair and design to it with choosing a different color tape and adding the “paint” method which is what I thought was the most AWESOME!


Chapter 3 is nothing but pillows, pads, cushions, and mats. Making a seat cushion, pillow, or a mat out of duct tape never occurred to me. When I got into this book, thoughts started swirling my mind about all the different things I could make with the tape (that wasn’t in the book).  All of a sudden, everything in life becomes a canvas for duct taping!


Chapter 4 shows how to further your knowledge of making stuff out of duct tape by making “STICKERS”. These are stickers that you can put on your different “projects” to also help make them stand out to be YOURS.

They show you how to make a butterfly, crow, apple. sports car, peace sign, surfing wave, pirate, earth, a bridge, and more..


Chapter 5 is where it gets very interesting with the bags, holders, and wallets. I don’t know why but I am a collector of all things bags, totes, wallets, and laptop cases. I have 1 laptop and 10 cases—don’t ask me why.. lol.

They have some awesome clutches, totes, and even full sized beach bags in this book. Lunch totes, id holders, and cell phone case. You can of course, change up the colors so that you have every type of bag in every color,, YAY Winking smile

This is a cheap, easy, and convienient way to make everybody Christmas presents on your lists. It doesn’t take long, the instructions are very simple, and the duct tape will NEVER wear down. If something spills inside their “beach bag” all they have to do is wipe it out with a washcloth.

It will never stain, tear, or break. The only way to dissemble the duct tape is to of course- CUT IT! This would be a perfect present for even young kids (as long as you cut the tape for them). They can then make birthday presents, Christmas presents, and even mother and fathers’ day presents by hand.


Chapter 6 devotes itself to making different flowers. Wouldn’t mom just love flowers that never died in her vase for the front room table? Of course she would. There are some beauties in here; Calla Lily, Red Rose, Sunflower, Cherry Blossom Branch (my favorites), Hot pink Hibiscus, and more!  By this point, you could make MOM and GRANDMA an entire garden for their house! LOL


Chapter 7 is toys; so it’s about checker/chess boards, dolls, and masks. Oh what fun the kids could have making their OWN toys! AND it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg!


Chapter 8 is more fun and play for the kids with Costumes, Disguises, and Props. What kid doesn’t like a little imaginative play every now and then? With this you can create beards, superhero capes, pirate hats. knight sword and shield, and more.


Chapter 9 is seasonal; ornaments, wreaths, bows, banners, and baskets. Nothing says “KIDS live here” like handmade ornaments and baskets. This would be something fun to do together and keep as keepsakes..

This whole book is nothing but fun! Go to walmart, get the duct tape, buy this book, and have some family time making stuff. Not only will they remember the time you spent with them, when you bring out the stuff they made when they’re older—they will have a blast remembering making it!

About the Author


When she's not picking through her neighbor's trash for crafty treasures, Richela Fabian Morgan teaches eco crafting at the Sheldrake Environmental Center.
Ms. Morgan lives with her husband and two children in Larchmont, New York. You can learn more about her crafts, her cooking, and her domestic follies on her website: http://www.richelafabianmorgan.com


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Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities


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