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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fashion Accessories Review: BobbePIN Whiter than White Shoulder Bag


BobbePIN is a brand-new indie fashion retailer selling everything! Dresses, tops, handbags, jackets, dresses, and more! The best part about it they offer FREE SHIPPING both ways. If you buy something and it doesn’t fit properly—they will pay return fees and get you something that fits!

That’s what being a GREAT company is all about. I jumped at the chance to work with them! I had so much fun flipping through all the awesome designs and colorful pieces they had!

They feature new astounding designers and private label designs. These designs are ecofriendly in their dying process of the fabrics, create simple designs that will look good on everybody, AND that you’ll feel amazing buying!

Here are some of the items I was looking into:

The Tops:


The Jacket:


& Dresses:


I ended up getting the Whiter than White Shoulder Bag though. I had been on the prowl EVERYWHERE for a quality handmade white shoulder bag that could go with any outfit and make it look good!


AND I got it. I love the attention to details on this purse! I AM in love with it. I don’t think I’ve changed purses ONCE since getting it—and I am KNOWN for switching purses (to match the outfit of course). It got really tiring though, that’s the reason I wanted something to match EVERYTHING—so it would be one LESS thing I had to worry about.

The pleated front with the vertical zipper pockets is amazing! I’ve never seen the vertical zippers. They are smaller than the regular horizontal pocket on the other side, but it’s GREAT for those smaller items that you don’t want to search for. The pleated front gives it a unique look that everybody asks about. “WHERE did you get that? It is beautiful”.


It has light tan/ grey with white edging. It has two zipper compartments, the one you see in the middle (between the two pink items; my wallet and agenda) is BIG! This could be used for a notebook or glasses case.. whatever—it is BIG!

There are also two pockets on the other side. This of course is for cell phone and PDA’s! I use the biggest one for my cell phone and the smaller one for my pens (I don’t have a PDA).

It comes with a longer strap then what you see in the first photo. This handle makes it more of a “messenger” type bag- where it hands to my hips. I don’t like my bags to hang that low, so I didn’t attach it, The entire bag (and the handles) are faux leather, but it feels and LOOKS real!

Buy It: Whiter than White Shoulder Bag for $40.

They also believe in giving back, so 5% of their sales will be donated to charity. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter



Jessica Renee


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