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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fashion Review: SheInside Leather Biker Jackets


Every since I can remember, I’ve wanted to own a nice leather jacket. I know what your thinking AND I don’t mean the heavy ones that will probably end up weighing more than me.

I mean a simple lightweight leather jacket that can spice up ANYTHING from jeans to a miniskirt. Something that turns heads and makes people take NOTICE! BAM!

There’s nothing like an amazing leather jacket to spice up your wardrobe, and that’s exactly what I received when I ordered two leather jackets from Sheinside.

I ended up getting two, because who could resist the classic BLACK and a modern hip beautiful orange? Definitely not ME! So I got the Black Zip Embellished Cuff PU Leather Motorcycle Jacket & Orange Wide Lapel Zipper Embellished Hem PU Leather Biker Jacket.

Both the jackets came in the same package, and arrived within absolutely NO time. I was very surprised at how quickly they did come. Usually when I order things from fashion websites it takes 15-17 days. This came within about 5-6!

AND.. You know what I had to do! Put both of them on IMMEDIATELY and try them on!


I really really adored the Orange one. I love how well it went with my new tan! It really brightened up not only my wardrobe but my complexion as well. I love how the top is asymmetrical and just looks SO badass.

I love how it has two ascending zippers on both sides.  It fit magnificently and was the perfect accent with all its’ zippers! I can wear both of them with jeans and boots or a mini skirt and they totally pull the “rock chick” right out of me!

I love how they create different looks. They look different and create different “looks” whether they are zipped or not. The Black one has less pockets, but more of a “classic” look and feel to it.

I’ve seen replica’s of both of these jackets and nothing can compare to how well these are made (AND the price). Most are DOUBLE the price than what you’d pay for at Sheinside.


Leather has definitely made it’s way back in the fashion world! Where it rightfully NEEDS to be! Leather isn’t just for bikers anymore! Move over, here we come!

Buy IT: You can buy the Black Zip Embellished Cuff PU Leather Motorcycle Jacket  for $55.68 & the Orange Wide Lapel Zipper Embellished Hem PU Leather Biker Jacket for $36.45



Jessica Renee


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