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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Games Table Ideas for Your Child's Bedroom

We all want our children to spend a bit more time playing real games and having fun; instead of staring at small flickering screens for endless hours, but not all of us have the time to take them to the park or playground for long periods of time. Sometimes the weather conspires against our best intentions and before we know it, the entire weekend or half-term holiday has flashed by without any physical fun being had.
Photo Courtesy of Liberty Tables

Games tables are an excellent solution, demanding some movement but able to be played safely inside the home. Table football tables are a fantastic feature for footie mad boys and girls, enabling them to recreate their favourite matches or goals. Foosball, as it is also known, is also greatly enjoyed by adults, and parents can challenge their children for supremacy, playing hard and creating wonderful memories at the same time!
Table football tables are not the only table games that are available for youngsters: there is also air hockey, miniature pool or snooker, the classic table tennis and many other variations on the theme.

The trend of indoor, compact table games was started in Canada in 1932, by the Munro family. Short of money for Christmas presents and suffering from the relentless grip of the Great Depression, the family worked together to make the games table, using scrap wire, bits of wood and other odds and ends. The resulting structure looked very much like a modern pin-ball game, in that it slanted down from the centre, but a double-sided one. The balls were flicked and moved from player to player using flippers and levers.

A travelling salesman passing through advised Mr Munro to sell his innovative game at a local store. The game sold quickly and orders for more flooded in, and thus a trend was born. It is fitting that this game innovation was born in Canada, a country prone to lengthy cold winters and long periods of being house-bound!

Many department stores and toy shops sell games tables that can be used for different games, with attachments to convert them from football tables to miniature pool tables and even air hockey tables – some even feature a smooth plain top that can be fitted so the child can use the table as a desk. These are ideal as they allow the children to play a good variety of games without needing to take up lots of space in their bedrooms.

When decorating or renovating children's bedrooms or games lounges, be sure to look at the wonderful array of games tables that are available today. The financial investment lavished on the purchase will be more than repaid with the sights and sounds of children laughing, playing and competing against each other – having active fun in a safe environment with friends and family, and what could be better than that?
Has this article inspired you to look for that perfect table football table for your home? Why not check out the range from Liberty Games, who’s foosball specialist James Ford supplied this article for us today,


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