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Monday, April 8, 2013

Review: Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara & Kohl Dual Ended Eye Liner- Amethyst/Green Ray

I am very picky about the quality of the makeup I wear. I don't want to put something on that's going to smear, sweat off, or clunk up within a short amount of time. Yves Rocher is an amazing website that has nothing but quality, beautiful looking makeup and fragrances.

I was super excited to be able to work with them!! They sent me 2 items of my choice, which was the Sexy Pulp Ultra-Volume Mascara & the Intense Kohl Duo Eyeliner.

The Sexy Pulp Mascara


The Mascara is nothing short of absolutely fabulous. I have VERY long eyelashes and it's very easy for them to clump up. Not only do they clump up but most of the time I end up getting mascara all over my eyelids—I’ve had more than one occasion of messed up eyeshadow.

I love the way the brush is shaped, it is astounding how it molds to my eyelashes. It doesn’t even feel like I’m putting on mascara! Usually when I put on mascara I can feel my lashes instantly stiffen and it’s hard to put on a second coat.


I love this mascara, because it gives me time to add 2-3 coats (AND they aren’t clumpy coats).. My lashes are instantly transformed. Thicker, more volume, and absolute perfection!

The trick is the ingredient- Carnauba wax, which coats and thickens every single lash without weighing them down. It is a natural wax taken from the leaves of the Copernicia prunifera palm which can only be found in Brazil.


Another trick to beautiful lashes is the way the brush is built. Instead of it being a straight stick, it is curved to instantly curl and connect to your lashes unlike any other mascara!

It is an astonishing ingredient, and one that continues to amaze me everyday. My lashes never become brittle, feel heavy, or stick together ALL day. Flawless eyelashes all day!

BUY IT: You can buy the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Mascara for $11.00

The Dual Ended Eye Line‘


I love this eyeliner. I love that it’s dual ended, two looks in one pencil! Both sides have a very beautiful texture (like creamy butter) and pigmentation (you can tell that this is a high quality liner).


On one side it’s a darker, beautiful Amethyst purple that makes eyes pop and brings out the dramatic look for nights out on the town or an amazing date!


On the other side is a beautiful, elegant emerald green that I couldn’t live without. I’ve been in search of a color like this for a VERY long time. They were all too dark or too light—not THIS exact color! Yves Rocher hit both these colors right on the nose!

Both of these colors are perfect for green and hazel eyes!


I love how creamy and smooth they are. I don’t have to press very hard to get my desired look, nor do I have to light the ends with a lighter (like some of my eyeliners).

The look stays on all day without smearing or running. Both colors can be mixed or matched together or with ANY color eye shadow for both day (work or school) and night! You can make these look natural *mixed with lighter colors* OR dramatic *mixed with darker contrasting colors*

Buy It: You can buy the Kohl Dual Ended Eyeliner for $4.95



Jessica Renee


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Jess is the creator of Stylish Southern Mama + Southern Rambles. She is a freelance writer + designer, Social Media Marketer, and Journalist. She has 2 amazing kids, Aidan and Adisyn, and has been with their dad Adam for 12 years, and has 2 amazingly adorable dogs; Harley + Cheyanne! :)

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