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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Swiffer WetJet & 360* Duster with Gain Review


Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. The most dreaded part of cleaning for me isn’t dishes or even laundry. It has always been mopping the floors and dusting.

The Swiffer WetJet with Gain Solution


It just seemed like it took FOREVER. The mop buckets are a thing of the past! No more back breaking work! Filling up buckets, dipping the mop into the bucket, mopping the floor, and rinsing the mop..  The water turns a dirty dingy color and it just FEELS like I’m spreading more germs on my floor than cleaning off with a regular mop.


With the Swiffer Sweeper it’s nothing like that. It’s totally different from mopping with a regular mop. There’s no bucket, steaming hot water, and dipping and squeezing (STEAMING) hot water over and over.


You pull the battery pack down, put the batteries in, attach the solution and wa-lah! You press a button to squeeze the solution and the bottom of the WetJet has velcro strips on the bottom that attaches the pad to the machine.


When  you’re done with the pad (it cleans 2 entire rooms with just one pad) peel it off and throw it away! How easy is that to maintain? It even has a scrubber on the top of the WetJet so that if you run into something that’s hard to get off- you can scrub it and then wipe it up with the pad.


The new Gain solution smells absolutely incredible. I was cleaning the floor one night before Adam came home on his lunch break and he told me that the house smelled like clean clothes.. LOL.

I love walking into the rooms I just cleaned with this solution. It smells so fresh and invigorating. I swear- mopping with the WetJet is nothing like mopping. It’s actually fun and less of a chore.. I love that it’s easy to use and maintain (and easy to put together).

The freshness is unbelievable. Usually a floor will smell like the cleaner for 15 minutes after it’s been cleaned, but the Gain WetJet solution seems to last for almost an hour. Freshness for that long I can live with, especially with kids in the house.

I love that this has saved me time AND sanity. I have mop at least every other day. My floors are linoleum and I have a gravel driveway. No amount of rugs can keep the dust and dirt at bay!

With the WetJet I can just spray a little here and there and go over it after it’s been swept. It doesn’t seem so much like a chore now! AND I save tons of time that can be spent on other things (LIKE ME TIME!) Woo-hoo!

The Swiffer 360* Duster with Gain


The 360* dusters make dusting the tables, knick knacks, and electronics SO much easier. The other dusters don’t work very well and there were still traces of dust left, even after going over them more than once.

It was horrible because it would take me more than 45 minutes just to dust the necessary items (that isn’t even including the random stuff around the house).

This was an unbearable chore, something that has to be done on a daily basis on my house! It was so MUCH work- to the point I would try and find something better than the regular dusters. I ended up using a regular washcloth there for awhile—even though that didn’t even work very well.

When I got the 360* dusters with Gain I immediately fell in love. The Gain dusters are refills to the regular 3608 dusters, so if you have a duster you can just buy the refill pack.


They are nice because they actually get the job done the first time around. I didn’t have to swipe, swipe, swipe and still see dust sitting there. The feathers actually grab the dust mites and hold them in. You can see the dirt stuck to the side of the duster when you’re done.

It’s awful living in a house with a gravel driveway, because all that dust from the gravel gets brought inside. No matter how many times I wash off our glass coffee and end tables, electronics, and T.V the dust is still there thick as ever the next morning. My patience was wearing pretty thin!

With the 360* duster, I can move it around the knick knacks and electronics without having to pick them up. I can swipe it one time and be done with it. I don’t have to keep wiping to make sure all the dust is gone.

I love that it not only cleans the dust and dirt, but because they now have gain on them- they leave a freshness behind where a dusty smell once was. I am IN LOVE with this new partnership, it is truly marvelous!

Buy It: Swiffer WetJet System $21.99

WetJet Gain Solution 

Swiffer 360* Duster $4.99

 Swiffer 360* Gain Refills

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