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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Airwick NEW! National Park Collection <Limited Edition> Plug-in Scented Oils


Spring is in the AIR! Literally. With the new Air Wicks National Park Limited Edition Scented Oil Plug-ins it smells like spring/summer ALL the time. Having your house smell absolutely wonderful is something that everybody wants to enjoy; whether they use candles, scented oil, air freshener..etc.


I think the easiest and most convenient way to achieve having a great smelling home without the perfume or alcohol smell attached to it is scented oil. Air Wick always hits it right on the nose with their scents. They always smell so amazing, invigorating, and never give off a "JUST sprayed" smell.

The Airwick scented oil plug-ins slowly heat up the oil to release the scents a little at a time but it smells great all the time. I've had people walk by the plug-in (LOW to the floor in my living room) and tell me my home smelled so good. They didn't know they were about a foot from the plug-in.

It's a compliment I take seriously. Nobody wants someone walking in and saying "hmm.. Your house smells a little weird today" lol. You want people to associate your home as clean, fresh, and smelling good.

These new National Park scented oils all smell amazing. I got to test 4 of the 6 that are new. I was sent the Hawaii, Denali, Grand Canyon, and American Samoa. They all have their own unique, distinct, amazing smell.


The Hawaii Scented oil smells like a mixture of Exotic Papaya and Hibiscus Flower. When you walk near the plug in, it smells like pineapples and exotic flowers though (or so I thought). It does take you to a place with ripe amazing smelling fruit, beautiful flowers, sun, and fun.


The Denali Scented Oil smells like soft cotton grass and spring air. I love the soft smell that this gives off. To me, it smells like recently washed and clean clothes. It smells like a nice spring day with the clothes blowing on the clothes line.


The Grand Canyon Scented Oil smells like cactus flower and Warm Breeze. To me this smells like freshly grown flowers, summer time, and a slight breeze. Those long summer days filled with picnics, barbecues, family, and hanging out. Nights filled with campfires, lightening bugs, and lots of conversation.


The American Somoa Scented Oil smells like Sweet Coconut and Island Palms. This smells more like coconuts mixed with a pretty homegrown flower. Although I don't like how coconuts taste, I LOVE how fresh and milky they smell. This scented oil has captured the essence of that milky thickness that coconuts are known for.

It’s hard to choose a favorite even between these 4. They all are very different scents, yet all smell so amazing. Each one captures different aspects of the place it represents. I am a huge fan of these and wish they weren’t just a limited edition, I’d buy them all the time. I guess it’s time to stock up NOW! LOL

They each come with their own cap, so that you aren’t wasting the oils when they aren’t in use. When you get ready to change it to another, just unscrew the top and snap it in the plug-in and plug it in! Easy and simple as that! Hmm.. nice smelling house in a snap!

The National Park Collection is available in Air Wick’s full range of products, including Scented Oils, Freshmatic Auto Spray Refills, Scented Candles and Reed Diffusers.  Retailing from $2.99 - $5.99, the National Park Collection can be found at all major retailers nationwide. For more information, please visit: http://www.airwick.us/ and www.facebook.com/AirWickUS.

Buy them for yourself! You can buy them from the Airwick website or at your nearest retailer; Walmart, Dollar Store, Target..

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Jessica Renee


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