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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby Bella Maya Car Seat Cover

Disclosure: Items mentioned in this post were sent for review purposes only, opinions are 100% honest.

Whether it comes in leopard, zebra or cheetah print, we know that moms are definitely going crazy for everything animal print! Baby gear shouldn’t just come in boring old prints.. so spice up that baby gear with Baby Bella Maya Animal Print Baby Gear.
Whether it’s baby clothes, bows, diaper covers or booties.. you can definitely find the cutest animal and diva prints here! Everything on the site is just SO adorable. I wish I would have known about this when my daughter was born!
My little sister found out she was pregnant in January, and then last month found out it was a girl. When I received the email about these beautiful infant car seat covers, I was ON IT! I was excited to show her what I’d gotten for MaKenzi.
There are currently seven designs for the infant car seat covers. I had a hard time choosing which one to get because they were all so adorable! I ended up getting the Zoe Zebra Infant Car Seat Cover though, because I couldn’t resist the way it looks so amazingly blended with the Hot Pink! Smile
We all know that babies aren’t exactly the cleanest at all time. They have diaper blowouts and spit ups.. AND it’s hard to get the manufacturer car seat cover off if you need to wash it (IF you CAN wash it). May of them are flame retardant and can’t be washed.

Have you ever had to take a cover off? Oh Jeez, I felt like I was going to lose my mind when the kids were little and I’d take theirs off. You have to practically break down the entire car seat to get them off. Unbuckling this, taking that off, unsnapping this.. UGH! By the time you’re done, you feel like you could have diffused a bomb in less time.

That’s why Baby Bella Maya was made. These go OVER the car seat covers that come WITH the car seat. That way all you have to do is unsnap it and throw it in the wash if it were to get dirty! Pure Genius and Beautiful at the same time!
I couldn’t wait to open this! I had my mom bring Brandy’s car seat over without her knowing it. (She didn’t know I was even getting this for her).
This cover is absolutely flawless. It is a black and white zebra print with hot pink satin trim! It is an amazing way to update the look of babies car seat without a hassle.

This cover keeps the car seat cover clean. It is easy to figure out how to install all parts (directions come in the package if it’s hard for you to understand how to get the canopy part off).
I love that it came with the arm strap covers as well. This is what keeps baby from getting irritated by the actual straps! AND adorable as well.


It didn’t take me very long at all to put all of this together. I did it by myself in under 10-15 minutes. The canopy part is what caused me the most issues, and it didn’t have anything to do with the covers. It was figuring out how to get the canopy part off so I could take off the old and put on the new.

I loved that it has snaps. It made it SO easy. I didn’t have to take anything off, I didn’t have to unsnap anything, and I didn’t have to unbuckle anything from the actual carseat.

The bottom buckle fits through the opening in the cover. The arm straps fit through the snaps on the cover without having to unbuckle everything and pull it lose like usual.


It was very easy, and look at the results!! Beautiful decoration for a new baby that will be here in September. I can’t wait to see her! I just wish I had had this for my daughter…
Buy It: Zoe Zebra Infant Car Seat Cover $74.95
  • Content: Print 100% Polyester, Lining 100% Polyester
  • Care Instructions: Machine Wash Gentle Cycle, Dry low heat


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