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Monday, May 27, 2013

Fashion Review: eShakti Dress; Customize Your Style

With the comfort of shopping at home, I don’t see why people still shop at the mall. You can find discount coupons and free shipping codes online. The only thing that makes me iffy about ordering online is the fitting. ARE you sure that amazing skirt is going to fit you the way it’s fitted in the pictures?

Out of all the clothes I have, there are some that fit me in Small, some in medium.. it’s just the way that the brands make them, if they stretch, and so on. WELL.. with eShakti you don’t have to wonder about fitting, styles, and sizing.

eShakti is most definitely going to have you drooling from the mouth. There are so many unique styles, something for everyone! You don’t like those cap sleeves on that dress? You can definitely take them off and make it a tank sleeve dress.
I love that there are so many different colors to choose from. Whether you want something dark such as black or dark blue, or light and bright such as white or yellow.. or you like a range of colored dresses; orange, lime green, fuchsia.. they have  it!

I got to choose an item of choice from the shop, and if there’s one thing I can’t resist and that’s a great summer dress. So after what seemed like an hour trying to choose one, I ended up getting the Felicity Dress in Turquoise. It's only available in Spring Green and Crimson as of now. I was immediately impressed on how quickly it came in the mail after ordering it.

I ended up choosing this dress because it comes with beautiful rosettes on the right front top. When you’re ordering- you can choose your size in dress (or clothing choice) OR you can choose by your measurements.

You can change how far down the dress comes (below or above the knee) and you can even change the way the sleeves are. This one came with cap sleeves (which I like). If I hadn’t I could’ve chosen 3/4 sleeves or tank sleeves! How awesome is that?

If you’re on the lookout for some amazing fashion choices to add to your summer wardrobe.. you should definitely check out eShakti’s Dresses.

AMAZING, I tell you!

You can also save $25 on your first order by signing up with eShakti right on their website!
And, don't forget to follow their Facebook and Pinterest accounts for style ideas and other special offers!
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