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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Review: Traveling with Baby? Get the Steri-Bottle


The Steri-bottle is a single-use disposable bottle. Hello convenience. If you’ve ever traveled with a baby even once in your life, you KNOW how hard it can be to wash, rinse, and reuse on the go WHEN babies hungry.

I’ve been on road trips with two kids on bottles at the same time and I seriously felt like I might just have a nervous breakdown in the bathroom at a convenience store somewhere.

It’s the timing. I was driving four hours away from home and had two kids both in diapers and on a bottle. I had to time their diaper changes and bottle feedings both at the same time.

It was hard to wash, rinse, and maintain warm water for both their bottles so that they wouldn’t get a belly ache. It’s hard when you’re traveling. Bringing the dish soap and bottle brush in with you to the bathroom and self-cleaning them so they don’t grow bacteria in them.


The Steri-bottle is so much more convenient and safe for travel. There’s nothing you have to wash or rinse. You don’t have to carry the bottle bush and dish washing liquid, waiting for the restroom water to get hot enough to disinfect the bottles while you wash.

These come individually stacked in packages of 5 and 10. They are about a dollar a bottle, and you throw each away when it’s done being used.

This makes it 10x easier traveling with kids. Traveling shouldn’t be so hard, and it doesn’t have to be. You can pack these in the diaper bag along side the bottles of water and just make them as the babies get hungry. There’s no washing and rinsing at all. Just toss it when the bottles finished.

This isn’t just for travel though. You can use these in many ways to benefit both you and baby. 3 a.m feedings? DONE! Trip to the park? DONE! Out shopping? No need to worry!

Each bottle is ready to use, BPA-free, phthalate free, and made in the USA.    www.steribottle.com

Click here to find the nearest retailer near you.

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