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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beauty Review- Swedish Beauty: Stunning Pure T50 50x Tingle Sizzle Shimmer Smolder Tanning Lotion

Product Description

Powerful, pure tingle formula- no bronzers needed with a blend of vitamins and antioxidants that work synergestically to nourish and condition skin.

  • Milk & Yogurt Base Formula: Richer and smoother foundation for quick delivery of dark color
  • Melanin Enhancer: Tyrosine jump starts the tanning process
  • Advanced Triple Tingleplex™ Technology: Extreme heat ingredients combine for the tingle power of 50 plus the darkest tanning results
  • Vita-Beauty Blend™: Vitamins C & Encapsulated Vitamin D combine with Swedish Superfruits™ to help fight free radicals for more youthful looking skin
  • Triple Berry Splash fragrance

The Swedish Beauty STUNNING Pure Tingle Tanning Lotion Packet is the perfect way to experience the results possible with a tingle bronzer. The formula has an Advanced Tingle Tripleplex that produces a Tingle Factor of 50. The trio of heat-producing ingredients enlivens the skin cells by driving additional blood flow to the tissue. This readies the skin for UV exposure and helps the bronzing ingredients in the lotion function more optimally.

To accelerate tanning, the lotion uses Tyrosine, the natural enzyme that your body releases to trigger the production of melanin. When you apply the lotion, your skin will have the ability to manufacture pigment as soon as you begin to tan, leading to much darker results.

At the heart of the Swedish Beauty STUNNING Pure Tingle Tanning Lotion is a yogurt and milk base. These luscious, rich ingredients help the bronzing components of the lotion penetrate the skin more fully. Completing the formula is the wrinkle-fighting Vita-Beauty Blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D and Swedish superfruits.


My Review



This lotion is amazing for someone who already has a base tan. It is an “intense tingler” so you will feel the heat while in the tanning bed and about 20 minutes after (longer if you aren’t used to the Tingle Lotions).

This is due to the Advanced Triple Tingleplex™ Technology in it. If you have sensitive skin, this isn’t for you. “Tingle lotions” give you a tingling sensation after applying the lotion. It brings the blood closer to the skin’s surface and helps to supply oxygen for a deeper darker tan.

I myself ADORE tingle lotions and am always on the lookout for the Tingle Winners! I am all about the tingler lotions mixed with bronzers as well! IT’s a combination for a DEEP dark tan that lasts.



The Swedish Beauty Stunning is a light peach color and is just the right consistency. It doesn’t take very much to spread on the entire body. I was using a packet, and I still had a little left after I was done applying.

The lotion is very light and spread very easily. I love how easily and quickly it sank into the skin. It is very luxurious and creamy, my skin immediately felt hydrated and silky.

The scent of this lotion is a very light berry smell. It smells delicious, delightful, and not at all overpowering. It has a very sweet, pleasant, and very enjoyable even after tanning. Some tanning lotions smell good BEFORE tanning but take on an extreme “burnt” smell after.. This doesn’t though, it remained the same.

Swedish Beauty really knows their tanning products, and what a customer is looking for! They are always creating high quality products that have us tanners drooling! Winking smile   I was very impressed with this lotion!

I already had a great base tan before using this, but this has peaked the plateau in terms of color! Spent a week in the Bahamas? I wish! Nope- just wonderful tanning products!


Although I didn’t receive the bottle, I LOVE the design on it. It’s got a fake diamond wrap going all the way around the lid. The colors are the bottle are colorful, eye catching, and look metallic! Open-mouthed smile

Buy IT: You can buy the Swedish Beauty Stunning at your local Tanning Salon!



Bottle: 10 oz. $58

Packet Sampler: $5


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Jessica Renee


  1. Thanks for the info. Looks great!

  2. A lot of tan enhancers usually do smell like that but I'm glad this one doesn't. Although I don't tan because of cancer, I do still have to go out into the sun (with sunscreen of course) and always like to keep what color I can/do get.

  3. wow this looks great! Thanks for the fab review! xo xo

  4. Looks great! I wish I could tan - but even with the best lotions, I burn like a crispy critter!

  5. I tan pretty easy but my legs definitely need a head start. Will have to try this product out!

  6. Love the look of this, I'm always so worried about going orange but the colour looks amazing on you! Thank you for a fantastic review :) xx

  7. this looks like great tanning lotion! I bet the bottle would be nice as well, I love packaging :D I am going to check out where I can get that around here. Summer is coming up and I need a tan asap!

  8. I only like to use tinglers occasionally. Your color looks great!

  9. Oh, I wish my skin wasn't so crazy sensitive. You have a great tan and this sounds like a wonderful product.

  10. I love the way that looks. I always want to tan, but can never seem to get one. I have eternally pale skin, it must be that eighth of Irish left in me! I would totally try this if I didn't have a phobia of things tingling on my skin, lol!


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