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Home Décor Review: Making a House a Home with Natural Life Peace Scatter Rug



Rugs are an amazing way to accessorize any home, apartment, or condo. A rug is an easy way to make your home look stylish without having to redo carpet or spend a ton of money.

It’s easy to make a house look homey, comfortable, and inviting just by choosing a rug that fits your “style”. When I got a chance to work with Natural Life, I was excited.

Looking through their website, I was truly excited about every single product, They have such modern, chic, sharp items that draw attention to themselves just by the way the items are designed. It is TRULY MY style.

Everything on the site is trendy and just screams “JESS” to me! I was drawn to the fashionable way that every item could fit inside my home and make it look so eye catching. They have so many things house and home.


I ended up choosing the Peace Scatter Rug.  I couldn’t wait for it to come in the mail. I knew I was going to put this by my front door so that when people walked in it would be the first thing they saw.


When it came the first thing I done was lay it out. It was so bright, colorful, and pretty sitting by my front door. As soon as they walk in they look down and see that rug. It’s amazing how many people have complimented me on that rug!

It’s just so different than a regular “rug”. You see this and you don’t think “rug”. You think “decoration” because it’s so beautifully made. I love how it entwines flowers of different colors and layers it over the peace sign.image

If you’re looking for something that says “I Love You” on Mother’s Day, you should definitely look at the collection of Mother’s Day Gifts. Whether it’s your sister and you’d like to get her the rug I got, your mom and you’d like to get her cooking utensils or a picture frame with declarations of love on it, or you could get your grandma a decorative pillow… they have it all.



Buy It: Peace Scatter Rug $22


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