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Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Review: The Best Shots You’ve Never Tried by Andrew Bohrer; Adams Media Publishing


Sick of the same ol' shots? Raise the bar!

Bored to tears with tequila shooters? Kamikazes make you wanna go all hari kari? Time to turn your Friday nights up a notch with The NoLita, test your limits on the Whiskey Buck Hunter, and make happy hour that much happier with a Double Entendre.
In this homage to booze and creativity, mixologist Andrew Bohrer combines his bartending knowledge with his flair for the dramatically creative to invent more than 100 recipes for shots you've never, ever tried--or even heard of--along with a photo of each and every crazy concoction.
Whether you're in the mood for a banger and slammer, a shot apropos for the dinner table, or the perfect shot to raise in tribute and solidarity at the ultimate drinking event (an after-funeral get-together), The Best Shots You've Never Tried is sure to be the most fun you'll ever have, 1 1/2 ounces at a time.

My Review
Ready, set, take your SHOT! Summer is here, which means that people are going to be getting together more than they do in the winter. The hot weather, sunshine, and water—AND can you say SHOTS? why yes! Even if you have some of your girl (or guy) friends over for an amazing time!
This book has amazing detail and actually taught me some stuff that I didn’t even know.. That even though there are almost a THOUSAND mini classics- they all revolve around six or seven cocktails and just have different ingredients mixed in to make the “thousand” cocktails.
I love that there are interesting “know” facts at the bottom of every shot that tells you the history, or what something is made of, and what the alternative could be..
Most of the shots do not require ingredients that you’d have to search high and low for. This is what I look for when buying mixed drinks or shot recipes. I don’t want to have to search and buy something online just to have a little fun at home with some friends.
The ingredients also aren’t very expensive. You’re not going to spend an arm and a leg or your savings trying to make these. I want to have an inexpensive night in—I don’t want to pay bar prices for drinks I make at home, so It’s nice to have a book where you can choose the price (as long as it’s the same ingredients as written in the recipe)!
The book is thicker and definitely more interesting than some shot books that I’ve seen. He really knows what he’s talking about, and explains to YOU (and myself, of course) the steps to making something absolutely perfect!
I love each picture that is aside each recipe. Gives me a notion as to what they would look like after they’re made. Some have more than a couple ingredients, but most have only a few which makes mixing and buying easier.
There is even a complete chapter on “Farmer’s Market” which is of course drinks you can mix from fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs found at your local farmers’ market!
There’s also chapters about “Holidays” and “after dinner/dessert drinks”. So whether you’re having a Thanksgiving or Christmas party at your home, or just a get together—you’ll have your guests very surprised and wondering how you ever thought to be so clever at mixing up those drinks!
The Chapter “Last Resort Shots” are ingredients that you’re going to find laying around in your cabinet. The author understands that we aren’t bartenders and don’t have all those specialty ingredients laying around.. BUT you wanna have fun and get a little tipsy? Raid those cabinets!
The names of these drinks are so unique and fun that it’s hard not to WANT to try them! I am definitely going to try the:
  • Friendship test
  • declarative
  • Uyeda’s Crystal
  • Spiced peach
  • Sorbet Shot
  • Watermelon salad
  • Blueberry Bruiser
  • Dollar Bill
  • Cachaca Foster
What do you think you’d like to try?
Buy IT:  The Best Shots You’ve Never Tried for $10.17
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Jessica Renee

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