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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Collage.com 16 X 20 Collage Canvas Review & Giveaway

What mom doesn’t want tons of pictures of their kids hanging up? The problem that I have with having so many pictures (I’m probably considered a picture hoarder) is that I don’t have much wall space.

Even though my kids are 4 and 6, I still don’t have many picture frames sitting around because of the glass inside. I don’t want them to knock them over and get cut.

SO, thankfully Collage.com lets you have as many pictures as you want on a Collage so you can save space while still showing off your family! The one I received was made of Canvas material and is absolutely stunning.


I woke up today with a package at my backdoor. It was raining and the box was a little wet. I was thinking..oh, no! As soon as I opened it, I could see they took extra care in packaging it, because they covered the canvas with plastic wrap!


I love that they had two brackets on the back. That way it doesn’t matter if you choose a landscape or portrait canvas—you can still hang it up. The bracket is very strong, even though the Canvas is very light! That way I know it won’t come crashing down.


When I seen the pictures I instantly fell in love. They are perfect, so vibrant and clear! The canvas is about an inch thick. It doesn’t protrude AWAY from the wall to where it gets in the way, but it still has that eye-catching dimension.

It’s easy to make a Collage of your very own! Once you choose what kind of collage you want, and what size—you can start uploading your photos.

I was amazed at how many designs they actually had. No matter what you want, they have. If you kid plays sports, If you want to make a “couples” collage, or if you want to make a collage with only pictures of your puppy pal!

To Purchase: Visit Collage.com and start creating your canvas collage today!

About Collage.com
Collage.com was created when Kevin Borders wanted to create a collage for his girlfriend that had 1000 of their personal photos, but he couldn't find anything out there that would do it. Kevin enlisted the help of Kyle Mulka, a friend and past schoolmate, to help build the custom collage. After creating the anniversary gift for his girlfriend, Kevin teamed up with his friend Joe Golden to transform the original software into a website where anyone could make a custom collage for their personal photos as well. Soon after, Collage.com was born! Collage.com is a website that allows you to upload pictures and create a custom collage and order high quality printed products that feature your collage. From blankets and mugs to canvas collages, you can include hundreds of photos arranged in a standard collage or in a unique shape!
This review / giveaway was brought to you by AdvertiseWithBloggers.com and Collage.com.  I was given a collage canvas in order to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own.
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