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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Pool Has Become A Backyard BBQ Necessity

Everyone throws backyard BBQs – at least those who have some sort of outdoor area to do so. Especially in the hot summer months, when there is a bbq, there should be a pool. This allows guests somewhere to be other than around the hot grill. It also adds an element of fun to ensure more people show up.

Seating Areas

When you consider having a backyard bbq, you have to be conscientious about where everyone will sit. If you don’t have a pool in the backyard, you may have to supply a significant amount of seating for everyone because there isn’t a lot for people to do. You may need picnic benches, tables with umbrellas or at least lawn chairs.
If you have a pool, however, you can toss a few floats in the pool and ensure everyone isn’t just milling around the barbecue area. Those who wish to cool off periodically in the backyard can simply jump in the pool. People can also grab an inner tube or raft to lounge around while someone else is grilling up hot dogs and hamburgers.

The Entertainment Factor

It’s a great idea to have a backyard bbq, but you can’t expect everyone to come over just for food. You also have to provide some sort of entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with expecting people to make conversation amongst themselves – at least for a little while. Eventually, though, if there’s nothing to do besides eat, people will start to leave.

The pool ensures you have a draw to your party. People are likely going to head over because you have a pool, not because you’re having a bbq. This ensures you don’t have to focus significantly on the food that is being served. Keep it simple. You can put a volleyball net up across half the pool and have a water volleyball game or play a variety of other games in the pool.

Without the pool, you would have to figure out something else for people to do in your backyard – such as horse shoes. This doesn’t provide the same entertainment value, which means people may have the tendency to gravitate inside and plant themselves in front of the TV – and this is probably not where you want everyone hanging out.

Pool Designs

When you want to have a backyard bbq, a pool is becoming a necessity. Depending upon where you live and how often you have barbecues, you have the option of many different pool designs; such as inflatable pools available at BackyardOcean.com. If you own your own home, it may be advantageous to install a pool in-ground. If you do this, ensure you are choosing a size that will accommodate the average number of people you have over for a barbecue.

If you rent or you are not too keen on installing an in-ground pool in your backyard because of costs, you can put an above ground pool out back. While these aren’t as luxurious, these can still be very nice – and allow people to cool off. Depending upon your budget, you can find deep ones with a ladder up the side, a slide and much more. These are available in virtually every size you can imagine.

If the majority of the people you have coming over have little kids, you may even want to think about catering to the little ones. This includes with such things as a wading pool or even a slip and slide or sprinkler. This keeps the kids cool and out of the big pool that requires a lot more adult supervision. It may also be the best route if there are still some un-potty trained kids out there.

Even if you don’t have a pool, there are ways of obtaining one. If you’re in an apartment complex, there may even be a grill and a pool in the same area – making it a perfect way to have a BBQ, even if it isn’t in your backyard, per se.

It gets hot at a BBQ and you don’t want people complaining at the celebration. When the grill can be in the vicinity of a pool, it’s going to ensure a better turn out to the invitations as well as ensure that everyone is cool, no matter what time of the year it may be held.


Jessica Renee


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