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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Book Review: And I Thought I Was Crazy! Quirks, Idiosyncrasies & Meshugaas by Judy Reiser


Do you refuse to take the top newspaper on a stack (even if perfect)?
•Insist that the toilet paper hang "over"?
•Wait for the phone to ring at least twice before answering?
•Keep returning to the refrigerator hoping that something new to eat has materialized?

Outrageous, outlandish and downright ridiculous eccentricities exhibited (and confessed to) by otherwise normal people. From hilarious bathroom behavior to funny money and unconventional clothing habits to eating and sleeping peculiarities to germ-a-phobia and sportsmania and more.

You will laugh while gaining insight into yourself and others!
People do the darndest things!

My Review

Do you ever do something and then think “if someone KNEW about this, they would think I was weird?” Well, lighten up about it, we all have our little crazy quirks that make us who we are.

As a psychology major and all around people person, I am curious to the funny and quirky things people do. This is a collection of quirks that Judy has collected from different people from all ages and walks of life!

It is absolutely HILARIOUS to see that we aren’t the only weird ones! Smile No matter how old you are, you will definitely LOVE this book- it had me busting out laughing within the first page!

Here are some of the things that people do that they think might be weird to other people!

“When I mail letters, I have to open and
close the lid three times to make sure the
letter went down the slot. It hasn’t gotten
stuck yet but I still have to check.”

It always seemed to me that seeing one little toothbrush in a
holder for six looked very sad so I fill it all up with toothbrushes. I
have two bathrooms so I have ten or twelve toothbrushes—in all different
colors. I always use the same one, the rest of them just sit there.

I divide my money into four separate envelopes in my pocketbook.
It makes me feel like I have a lot of money.

I always make out a check for whole dollars and pay the cents in
cash. If a bill is $35.10, then I’ll make out the check for $35.00 and
hand over the ten cents—it makes my checkbook so much easier
to balance.

I pick up the groceries in the supermarket in the order that they’re
written on my list. If the bread and the cereal are next to each
other in the same aisle but not one after the other on my list, I will
bypass the cereal and come back for it later when I reach it on my
list. Grocery shopping is like therapy for me. It’s relaxing, I enjoy
it, and I take my time with it.

My brother peels everything from a tomato to a grape. He won’t
eat them otherwise.

My husband doesn’t like the different items of food on his plate to
touch so he eats off an old steel army plate that has sections. He
feels that if one food touches the other, they’re both contaminated—
they’re supposed to be two separate foods and they no
longer are if they touch.

Reading this book was very relaxing for me. I love learning about human behaviors, even the quirky ones! After just the first page I KNEW I’d be hooked on this book. It’s 176 pages of nothing but pure delight!

You’ll find yourself even saying “Oh My God, I totally do that” or know someone who does! My stepdad ALWAYS sorts his money by largest to smallest and they ALWAYS have to face the same way. I called him OCD but apparently there are other people who do this! LOL

My “THING” wasn’t in the book. I have TONS of books. They have to be sorted by whether they are fiction or non-fiction,then the same subjects have to be together, and then they have to be on the bookshelf from tallest to shortest. I don’t know why.. I stack my notebooks like this as well.

I also color-code all my clothes in both my closet and dresser. My closet starts out short sleeves (and I always put the tank tops at the very beginning of the color) white, then yellow, orange,pink, purple, red, blue, green, grey, brown, black. Then there’s the long sleeves color coded, and ends with my hoodies and sweatshirts and then jackets. They are all color coded and sorted by length!

What is something that you do that other people around you may not? Share below!

Buy the book:

And I Thought I Was Crazy! Quirks, Idiosyncrasies and Meshugaas



About the Author

About the Author Judy Reiser began collecting quirks after a conversation in which she divulged something crazy she does and a friend shared something he does. After having a good laugh about it, she soon discovered that everyone seems to have quirks. She has been observing, gathering, marveling at and laughing about quirks ever since. Her husband insists that if she had written this book of quirks as an autobiography, it would have been much longer! Judy interviewed over 2,500 people for her three books: "And I Thought I Was Crazy!", "Admit It, You’re Crazy!", and "In a Cell Phone Minute".

You can find a collection of all her books on the Judy Reiser Website

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