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Beauty Review: Jabu’She Skincare; Facial Tonic


Jabu’she is a skin care line from Sweden that’s designed for anyone who wants to improve the look and feel of aging or sun-damaged skin. Jabu’she also gives the skin a finer luster, increased vitality, and fewer visible pores.


I was excited to get to be able to work with them on a review, because they have AWARD winning anti-aging skincare that also reverses signs of sun exposure. I got to choose 3 items from the site, which was hard. They have a very clean, simple website that is easy to navigate.. and amazing products that are designed just as beautifully.


The first item I chose was the Jabu’she Cleansing Lotion. I love this cleansing lotion and have added this to my daily skin care regimen as the main cleaner for the last month.


This is a very gentle cleansing lotion that doesn’t strip the skin of it’s natural oils. I have oily skin, but this still works very well for me. I use twice on a daily basis and then add in a face scrub 2 days of the week and a mask on another.

I love the scent, it smells so clean and fresh- reminds me of freshly bloomed flowers! Open-mouthed smile I love the way my skin feels after I wash with this cleansing lotion.


As you can tell it doesn’t get sudsy. The suds can actually strip the skin of ALL oils, even the ones your skin needs to remain healthy and not dry out. My skin feels so soft, smooth, and refreshed after using this.


It is just so invigorating! It feels so amazing because it is actually BUILT like a lotion. It calms and heals stressed out skin while also cleaning it. I can’t tell you how AMAZING this is at cleaning off makeup without any left behind.

it’s also great at removing mineral eyeshadow and mascara, which usually takes an eye makeup remover to get off. I only had a slight raccoon look after, which came off with a slight swipe of a towel after washing!

This balances the skin tone and texture overtime, while also firming and refreshing it! Couldn’t ask for anything more from a face cleaner! I LOVE that my skin stays moisturized, yet it isn’t oily!


The ingredients contain cucumber extract which is what helps to naturally moisturize and balance the skin. Peach extract helps to smooth, lift, and refresh the skin. AND chamomile heals and calms.

Buy it: Jabu’she Cleansing Lotion $29.95


The second items I chose was the Jabu’she Facial Tonic. This is different from most toners on the market today because it doesn’t contain alcohol. Most people don’t know but the alcohol in toners can actually dry skin out and make them start to peel overtime.


I love that this has a pump action top. Usually toners come with a screw on or pop off lid, where you have to use a cotton pad or ball with it. I love this way SO much better.

It not only saves time, but I am not wasting more than I use. It’s a win/win situation. I love this facial tonic. I’ve noticed my skin feels a lot more rejuvenated and balanced since using it.

Like I said before, I have oily skin. More now since I’ve been tanning on a regular basis. It seems to bring the oil to the top even more, so I was glad that this has balanced the oiliness.

I’ve noticed it numbs a little at first. I accidentally sprayed it on my lips and they went numb. So after that I made it a point to wipe my lips with a towel immediately after spraying my face with this tonic.

It has the same calming and moisturizing ingredients that the cleansing lotion has in it. It has Cucumber extract to balance and moisturize, Peach extract to smooth, lift, and refresh, and Chamomile to heal and calm.

My face just feels SO clean after! I love it!

Buy It: Jabu’she Facial Tonic $31.95


The third I chose was the Repairing Overnight Moisture Mask. I love it because it’s an anti-aging mask that helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles overtime.

It is so moisturizing and rehydrates dried out skin. If your skin is in desperate need of moisture, this is what you need. It smells so amazing, goes on so smoothly, and you only NEED leave it on for 15 minutes but best if left overnight!


The overnight mask is a light blue/green in color and smells like a mixture of cucumbers and peaches to me. So invigorating and uplifting!

I’ve been using it overnight, and in the morning my skin looks so replenished. It feels so stimulated and restored of all the moisture it loses at night.

Buy It: Jabu’She Repairing Overnight Moisture Mask. $39.95

I am amazed at just how light all of these are on my skin (even the moisture mask). My pores have seemed to have shrank a couple sizes (which is AMAZING for someone with large pores).

Keep your eyes peeled for the GIVEAWAY which will feature the same items!



Jabu’she was created after extensive research on the actual product formulation and its core ingredient, QAL-100; The study was reviewed by the Research Ethics Committee at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm (2001), and has been published in one of the most prestigious medical journals, The British Journal of Dermatology (founded in 1888) 2003:149:841-849t

Backed by clinical research, Jabu’she has been proven to make your skin feel younger, smoother and give it a clearer hue. It increases cell activity and strengthens defense against free radicals. The patented QAL-100 formulation generates superior results, bringing vitality to your skin.


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