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Book Review: Conspiracies: The Facts - The Theories - The Evidence by Andy Thomas; Watkins Publishing Limited


Here is an opportunity to sift through some of the intriguing, baffling, sometimes gruesome and often shocking possibilities presented by conspiracies. It goes to some shadowy places at times, but it is worth the journey...

At any time in our history, you will find significant and seemingly indisputable events occurring, the kind that can change the course of our lives. Yet for every one of them, somebody, somewhere will loudly dispute the ‘official’ account, doubting that the truth has been told. In today’s environment, with trust in authorities at an all-time low, conspiracy theories have found a new currency, and websites and social networking ensure they receive a wider and more rapid spread than ever before. But how do we separate truth from imagination? Was Princess Diana murdered, as many people think, despite all the official denials? Did NASA really go to the Moon, when anomalies in the photographic record suggest otherwise? Could 9/11 really have been set up by agencies within the USA itself?


My Review


I’ve always been fascinated by conspiracy theories. So when I got a chance to review this book from Netgalley, I was excited. I’ve always thought that our government really does hide a lot of stuff from us that we should definitely know about. WHY do I think this? Think about everything that was covered up just in Watergate..

What exactly IS a conspiracy theory? According to the Collins English Dictionary it is “The belief that the government or a covert organisation is responsible for an event that is unusual or unexplained, especially when any such involvement is denied”

Just as Andy says in the book “Pick a century, any century. Or a decade, a year, a month. In each you will find significant and seemingly indisputable events occurring, the kind that can change the course of human history. Yet for every one of them, somebody, somewhere, will loudly dispute the “official” account, doubting that the truth has been told.”

I’m not going to sit here and say that I think every MOMENT in history has a conspiracy that I believe. I do, however, believe that most Americans want to know the truth and I don’t think the United States government is or was providing the truth to us all.

I think they have a lot to hide, and a lot to gain by hiding it. Why would they want us to know that they screwed up or something that was devastating to Americans could have been prevented and was overlooked. I think they try and cover their hides and they will do anything to do so- mostly, to COVER themselves.

I do take conspiracy theorists seriously. I think these are the people that we should definitely take note of and listen to. These are the people who care enough about the country, the truth, and the cover-ups to do the research and explain all the lies.

This book uncovers the deception and cover-ups. This book isn’t crammed full of conspiracy theories. He chooses the conspiracies in which the public are most fascinated, leaving the climate and religion conspiracies for another time.

From the very beginning of this book I was intrigued, drawn in, and unable to stop reading. This book starts out with telling what a conspiracy is, as well as conspiracy theorists in the eyes of both conspiracy theorists and those who don’t believe in conspiracies.

The conspiracies themselves start out with the conspiracy of “The Beatles” which I had never heard of before reading this book. The conspiracy was that Paul McCartney had actually died in a car accident in 1966.

The conspiracy was built around certain lyrics and pictures of Album covers as well as looking closely at before 1966/after 1966 pictures of McCartney. There were certain lyrics that pointed towards McCartney’s death. “He blew his mind out in a car” in 1967’s “A Day in the Life.” As well as in 1968’s “Don’t Pass Me By” saying “You were in a car crash, and you lost your hair.”

Many Americans believed that he did die and that someone else (a look alike) took his place so that the band didn’t hit rock bottom during their best years. Americans wanted to believe he died so that he could forever be looked at in a “the good die young” way.

The author isn’t just stating what the conspiracies say though, which is what makes it interesting. He digs into the “facts” of the conspiracy to see whether they make any sense and can be proven or not.

There are facts that show that actual evidence does indeed exist to support some of the conspiracies that have been created over the years.

If you love learning about history, this book is definitely for you. Even if you don’t believe in conspiracy theories.. this is a great book. You never know, this book may actually just change your mind.

He states the facts, and they are so interesting. I love learning about what may or might not have happened. I don’t think that history books are that RIGHT on detail, and I do think the government would hide stuff from us to their benefit.

Some of the conspiracies include:

Shakespearean conspiracy

The Gunpowder Plot

Sinking of RMS Lusitania

Pearl Harbor


The Moon Landings

Weapons of Mass Destruction & Iraq

Phone Hacking

John F. Kennedy Murder Conspiracy

Princess Diana Murder

Most of these were new to me. I’d heard of most of them- but hadn’t dug deeper into what the conspiracies actually were built around and if there was real evidence to support them.

This book will totally surprise you and drag you into the depth’s of history! Do you believe in conspiracies? What’s the most public conspiracy, do you think?

Buy it: Conspiracies: The Facts * The Theories * The Evidence $13.96+ Free Shipping

About the Author

Andy Thomas is one of the UK’s leading researchers into unexplained mysteries and conspiracy theories. His many books include the acclaimed The Truth Agenda, which explores paranormal phenomena, global cover-ups and prophecies, and Vital Signs, widely described as the definitive guide to the controversial crop circle phenomenon and nominated for Kindred Spirit magazine’s Best Book award. Andy lectures widely in the  around the world and makes many regular appearances on TV and radio. You can visit his website The Truth Agenda


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