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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Book Review: Big Bad Ass Book of Shots- Over 1,400 Recipes to Get the Party Started by Paul Knorr; Running Press


Fun-filled shots, shooters, and slammers are the drinks of choice for revelers worldwide. The Big Bad Ass Book of Shots is the ultimate guide to these creative concoction.

This comprehensive, one-of-a-kind collection includes more than 1,400 incredible shot recipes guaranteed to inspire laughs just by saying the shot names out loud, making it the ultimate shot resource and an absolute must-have for every party.

Holidays, birthdays, and Saturdays provide reasons to celebrate-but who needs a reason? Pick up the Big Bad Ass Book of Shots and get your celebration started today! Whether you prefer a classic shot or want a taste of the latest craze, you’ll never run out of options with recipes like:

Alabama Slammer

Apple Pie

Brave Bull

Cement Mixer

Copper Camel


Lemon Drop

Tropical Passion

Lemon Drop

Woo Woo


My Review


This book is small in size but packed with a HARD punch. This is definitely amazing for any kind of get together or party. Summer is definitely here, which means more barbeques, the fourth of July, and backyard parties. BE ready to impress your friends and family with this book!


This book is downright AWESOME! Every kind of alcohol you could ever think up mixed with this and that to make some amazing shots that will have you licking your lips and then making another.

No more PURE whiskey or vodka shots that have your stomach turned upside down within mere seconds. Why not make it fun and tasty instead? This book is CRAMMED with amazing recipes no matter what you’re looking for.


All the shots are listed in alphabetical order, and are detailed in how to make them. The author really did HIS research on putting a giant variety of drinks to please everybody! He also does an amazing job mixing the old classic shots with the new modern shots that everybody wishes they knew how to make.


NOW you can make all these at home without paying bar prices! This is amazing to have in your kitchen, on your coffee table, or on your bar bookshelf. This is one SHOT reference book you don’t want to miss out on!

It’s all about letting loose, having fun, and making some great memories. There are plenty of books about shots but nothing can even begin to touch this with it’s vast collection (Over 1,400)!

Most of the drinks within this book I had never even heard of. They have some very exotic names and refreshing ingredients. The recipes are simple, easy to make, and do not require a lot of ingredients.

There are 2-3 shots per page, and contains nothing but shots. If you’re looking for a full sized drink, don’t look here. Although you could possibly mix up a larger concoction at a time just with the information given. 2 parts this, one part that, a dash of this.. etc.

I love that it tells whether to layer the drink or shake with ice and strain into the shot glass. Some shots are meant to LOOK cooler with the different ingredients layering each other to give off a colorful charismatic drink!

There aren’t any pictures of the drinks but they aren’t needed. The instructions are precise and easy to follow so there isn’t any way you could mess it up! Open-mouthed smile

This book would actually be a great gift to give for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and even Mother/Father’s day. Why get them something classic like clothes or a gift card when you can give them a book filled with potential memory making ingredients?

The shots are really the eye catchers though. Just looking through the book was fun in itself. There were so many that I wanted to try, some that I never even THOUGHT about the ingredients mixed the way they were. It is quite impressive!

Here are some of the shot names that caught my eye!

Absolut Tootch, Adult Lit, Dominator, Damned if you do,

cherry cheesecake, chastity belt, Fuzzy Smurf, Funky

Chicken. End of the World, Little Black Devil, Plead the

Fifth, Power Shot, P.S. I Love you,  Southern Smile, and


The design of the book is cool and unique, so that just in itself is one way to get the party rolling. Invite some friends over and whip them up some of these and they’ll love you forever. They’ll be wanting you to be the “bartender” at all the parties—Just don’t forget your shot bible at home!


The back of the book is sorted by types of liquor. If you only like or have a certain type on hand you don’t have to search through the entire book. This is a time saver and VERY genius.

The Recipes:


Dead Man Walking:

2 Parts Vodka

2 Parts Crown Royal Bourbon

1 part Cola

Dash of Lemonade

Shake with ice and strain into shot glass


Bruised Heart

1 part Vodka

1 part raspberry liqueur

1 part peach schnapps

1 part cranberry juice cocktail

shake with ice and stain into shot glass

Have you tried any of the shots I’ve mentioned above that caught my eye? If not, which catches YOUR eye and would like to try?

BUY IT: Big Bad-Ass Book of Shots $10 + Free Shipping

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