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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Home Review: Febreze™ Hawaiian Aloha Deodorizing Powders™, Endorsed by BISSELL


Summer is here, and we all know what that means. More get togethers, more people coming in and out, and MORE kids. With so many people going to be coming in and out, I want my carpets to look and smell their best!

Febreze™ Deodorizing Powders™, endorsed by BISSELL will do the trick every time! It’s easy to keep your carpets smelling AMAZING with these carpet sprinkles because they are so easy to use. Just sprinkle a little bit on the carpets and let it sit for about 5 minutes and vacuum them up.

I love that there are two options on the top of the lid. It reminds me of a parmesan cheese shaker. You have a bunch of tiny little holes, or the big gaping hole- and you just turn the opening to whichever you choose and sprinkle away.

The smell is fabulous, everything you think of when you think of Hawaii. Flower blossoms, pineapples, and a nice summer breeze. The powder is amazing because it doesn’t leave a white residue on my carpet (which is black and white), it doesn’t clump up when vacuumed, and it has absolutely no problem being sucked up by the vacuum (or even getting the carpet clean with a broom).

These little sprinkles aren’t just made for carpets though. Did you know you can sprinkle them on your furniture (if you have cloth or upholstery), use them in your car carpets, and sprinkle them on curtains/draperies?

They eliminate even the toughest odors; whether it be garlic, smoke, or mold. BUT most of all I love them because they eliminate the everyday smells of having two kids who are always getting into something and might accidentally spill it.

I have a shampooer for my carpet, but sometimes the scent of whatever was spilled can linger behind. Now I can shampoo the carpets, wait until they dry, and sprinkle this and vacuum it  up and the odor is gone!

I love that I can clean the house and use the sprinkles on my carpet and leave. As soon as I walk into the house you can smell the freshness and cleanliness of the Hawaiian Aloha scent! Very pleasant!

Buy IT: Febreze™ Hawaiian Aloha Deodorizing Powders™, endorsed by BISSELL for only $3.49

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