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Beauty Review: My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo, Conditioner, and Quick Dry Shake’n Spray Blow Out Spray


These three simple pink little bottles.. hmm.. what are they exactly? Why a blow-dry secret that’s for SURE! I received the My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo, Conditioner, and Quick Dry Shake’n Spray about a week and a half ago.

I love to blow dry my hair, I always have. I love the lift and natural volume it gives my hair. When I’m cut short on time, I have to pass up the blow dryer and throw my hair up in a ponytail and go. My hair is really long, so it takes me quite some time to actually get it dry without any wet spots.


This is a blow dry trio: Shampoo, Conditioner, and spray to help cut the blow dry time by 50%. Could it take the heat? Could it really blow dry my long, layered hair in half the time it usually takes me?

I immediately loved the simple yet stylish design of the packaging of all 3 of these products. The shampoo and conditioner have press-down flip-up tops. The pink is an eye-catcher and "feminine” so maybe I could keep Adam from using all my goodies lol.


First I’ll tell you about the My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo is a very creamy formula with a low lather. I didn’t have to use very much at all to wash ALL my hair, although I added a bit more just in case Smile. Okay, I admit it.. I used a little more because it felt like liquid silk. As soon as this touched my hair, it transformed it. It was nothing but soft, silky, and felt so healthy!


As you can see it’s a yellowish color and it smells amazing. Even though it’s made with coconut oil, I couldn’t detect a hint of coconut.. only a sweet blend of fruits.  It is a volumizing shampoo, so not only does it help speed up drying time but it helps add oomph!

It also helps to protect the hair from heat damage, which can dry out the hair. It’s made with InstaDry technology (Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrosol). It also delivers antioxidants to the hair to prevent it from breaking!


This conditioner is nothing but luxurious and luscious. It’s rich and white as you can tell in the picture. I always use less conditioner than I do shampoo because I don’t condition my roots. I have naturally oily hair, so I try to avoid making it look even worse. I do deep condition the rest of my hair though, by leaving the conditioner on for 3-5 minutes.

The shampoo and Conditioner are both safe for all types of hair, it’s even color safe. Using these will not fade your color.  They are also free of parabens, sulfates, and phosphates. They are both made with VCOH (Virgin Coconut Oil Hydrosol) technology.image

The coconut oil used is built with super-fine molecules , which run throughout your hair strands after washing and conditioning with the shampoo and conditioner. These super fine molecules is what helps speed up the blow drying process.

The coconut oil, frizz fighters, moisturizers, and shiners remain on the hair after you’ve blow dried it. This is what helps your hair transform into a luxurious, shiny, silky mane of hair! They remain to protect, nourish, and moisturize!


This is the last of the trio. This is the My Amazing Blow Dry Secret Quick Dry Shake’n Spray. It adds to the Shampoo and Conditioner by cutting dry time. It also helps to protect your hair from the damage that blow drying can do overtime.


You shake the bottle to blend the ingredients together. As you can tell the clear part (which always floats to the top of the bottle) is what helps drying time. The pink part is what consists of the sun protection and condition. It is amazing at detangling the hair, as well as adding nourishment.

I’ve been using this on my daughter’s hair JUST as a detangling helper. She usually hates having her hair brushed.. but when I used this NO crying. It smells like fresh fruit/flowers mix.. delectable and invigorating and the scent stays all day!

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This is the after effect of using all 3 of these products. It usually takes me about 15 minutes to fully blow dry my hair without any wet spots. This helped me get it down to about 9, which isn’t half but close enough for me! It cut out 6 extra minutes that I could be doing something else!


Not only did my hair dry in a quicker amount of time but the volume was amazing. I love that it looks so healthy, shiny, and is manageable without looking heavy, oily, or weighed down with product! It felt moisturized and full of volume, I loved all 3! Even the next day my hair looks exactly the same, still no oil appearing in my hair!

Still going strong on day 2!

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